Do your best, forget the rest

Something happened to me the other day that I’m still thinking about.

And I thought I’d share it.

Not because I feel like ranting about it.

Ok, maybe just a little. Or at one point, it felt like a rant but now I've... evolved.

But mostly because it illustrates a point I think is important.

I had pulled my truck into the parking lot of the local grocery store, and coincidentally, I pulled in next to a neighbor of mine.

As I got out of the truck, he was getting in his. And as we wrapped up our "how're you doings," and he prepared to drive away, he said...

"When's the last time you washed that truck of yours?"

I think he was trying to be funny. And ok, the truck was a little grimy. But what surprised me was my reaction.

I steamed about it the whole time I was walking up and down the grocery aisles.

To make matters worse, the distraction meant I forgot some things I was going to get at the store and I had to make a second trip back after I got home.

I've been busy.  Times are crazy right now. And the world is a hot mess.

So there were things that were more important than washing my truck, right? And what business was it of HIS in the first place?

Eventually, I reached the conclusion that if my neighbor has the time to worry about my truck being dirty, that's his problem, not mine

I knew all this inside already of course. But the comment still bugged me.

My point is: to survive in this world, you have to care less about little encounters like this. Set aside the trivial things that irk us every day.

You have to know who you are and yes, be OK with that.

Caring less will protect your sanity. (And prevent second trips to the grocery store.)

But I don't mean being "careless" when I tell you to "care less."

Careless people are negligent. Complacent. They don't pull their weight. They don't respect others. They don't see their role in being a part of a team, a family, a congregation, a community, a country.

But being a little more carefree is the opposite. It's caring about the stuff that actually counts.

And kicking to the curb the stuff that doesn't.

My dad used to say "Do your best and don't sweat the rest."

I wish I could remember that all the time.

Because once you know what you value, you can decide what to care more about. 

And where to care less.

This is the ultimate in personal freedom.

Doing the things that feed you. And setting aside the minor nonsense that doesn't.

Something to think about.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Monica Penrose - October 10, 2021

Good Morning Patriot Family,

I enjoy reading these encouraging messages that make you think more in the positive than the negative.

Todays message was great! Care LESS about what careless people say and do. You will see how less stressed your day will be….if you incorporate Caring- LESS about what people say and do.

David Smith - October 10, 2021

A very similar thing happened to me. I’m so glad someone with platform is able to speak about the little things that loom so big in our lives

Ana - October 10, 2021

2 cardinal rule: What others THINK of you is none of your business. It’s how much you value yourself and how important you think you are.

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