Remove Headaches Like Pushing A Button

A headache can stop you in your tracks.

Whether it’s tension, sinus pressure, eye strain or just a sudden change in the weather, if you’re prone to headaches, you might try anything to find relief. 

If that’s you, listen up. Because there’s a way to ease the pounding pressure of a headache, whether you just feel it coming on, or you find yourself caught in its grip. 

And relief can be as easy as the push of a button. 

Though the science behind pressure point massage is a little thin, there are studies that show it can work – to ease a headache that’s upon you, and keep them from coming pack. 

One pressure point tied to headache relief is located on the web between your thumb and index finger. To ease the pain, start by pinching this area firmly for about 10 seconds. Then, make small circles with your thumb in one direction – and then reverse – for another 10 seconds each. 

Then move to your other hand and repeat.  

The indentations on either side of the bridge of your nose are another pressure point that can bring headache relief. You can use your index fingers to press both points at once, hold for 10 seconds and repeat.

Or you can use a device like the Eye Spa, which slips over your eyes and cycles gentle pressure on these points and others, in a sequence. You don’t have to do anything but lie back and relax. 

Touching these pressure points can relieve headaches brought on by sinus pressure, or eyestrain.

Another pressure point connected to headaches are on the back of your neck. Tension in the neck can radiate to your head and temples. By placing your index and middle fingers onto these pressure points, pressing firmly for 10 seconds, releasing and repeating, you can often find relief quite quickly.

Though using pressure points for headache relief isn’t well studied, my own experience has told me it can work. And best of all, it’s safe, requires no meds or pills, and is completely non-invasive. 

If you have recurring headaches, or are prone to sinus concerns, it’s certainly worth a try.

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