Sunday Thoughts (fixing what's broken starts at home)

Did you know that this is an election year?

Just kidding. Of course you do.

Especially if you live in a "swing state" like me. It's all you're bound to see on TV until November.

I'm not going to get into all the issues here. There's plenty for everyone to argue about. But there is one thing I've been thinking about today, and I need to get it off my chest.

The state of America's healthcare system really riles me up.

And this has nothing to do with who pays the bills. Or whether your health plan is private or public.

But regardless of which side you're on, both sides are completely missing it when it comes to fixing a lot of what ails this country. Because the healthcare system here (as in much of the rest of the world) is completely "bass ackwards."

Annually, we Americans spend over $3.6 trillion on healthcare. That's $11,000+ per person.

It's almost $18 out of every $100 spent in the entire economy. In 1960, it was just $5. And the numbers are expected to continue to go up and up.

Why? Because we don't have a healthcare system at all.

We have a disease management system.

The entire racket is focused on plugging holes once our bodies have sprung leaks. And we're riddled with leaks:

  • Obesity: 40% of Americans (up from 15% as recently as 1990).
  • Diabetes: 39 million Americans have it, and at least 90% are Type 2.
  • Heart disease: The nation's leading killer.
  • Chronic pain: 2 out of every 10 adults is suffering.
  • Depression: The costs of this alone are $200 billion annually.

But you and I both know two things that can impact all of these conditions, and in some cases, dramatically.

Reversing them, reducing them, or better yet, preventing them in the first place.

A healthy diet and regular exercise.

Yet, most doctors only give lip service to these things. And most patients don't pay attention to them until they're facing a serious condition, a hefty bill, or both.

If exercise were a pill, it would be a trillion-dollar cash cow. And it would be prescribed to everyone.

People who meet the bare minimum recommended guidelines of 2.5 hours of walking per week have lower medical expenses of $2500 per year, on average.

If you had to grade our healthcare system when it comes to treating you after a car crash, it would get an "A." We're great at that.

But when it comes to avoiding the risk factors and preventing illness in the first place, a "D-" is being generous.

So enjoy the sideshow as both parties bicker about who should pay for what. But know that the expenses wouldn't be as high and the outcomes wouldn't be so dire, if we practiced what we know to be effective.

A healthy diet and regular exercise.

I don't have much hope that the "system" will change to fix this, regardless of who wins this election.

But readers like you, who take control of your own healthcare and focus on doing good by your bodies… that gives me hope.

Because fixing what's broken in this country starts at home, whether that's healthcare or anything else.

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Brenda GRiner - September 28, 2020

Happy Sunday, Jeff,
I’m healthy now because of your Patriot Power Protein, in the After 50 program, and on the 14 day lifestyle change!!! Feeling great nowadays, energized, and sleeping better!! Thank God for you guys and the 4Patriot products!!!! I share these products with my Aunt and cousins!!! They are all excited, too!!
As far as the election goes, I’m disappointed!!

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