Sunday Thoughts (you gotta laugh)

You may look back at the past year and think there’s nothing funny about it.

I mean, what a mess. 

If you feel like sometimes you just want to slump down in your chair or curl up in a ball, you’re certainly not alone.

The amount of stress we’re under is overwhelming at times. 

But you’ve likely heard the old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Turns out, it’s really true.

As a pressure valve, a reset to your day, and as a way to actually protect your health, it actually works.

Heavy stress takes a toll on your health. Your heart. Your sleep. And your mind. 

But laughter releases nitric oxide, a chemical that relaxes your blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and decreases clotting. 

Quite literally, a funny moment or movie can help prevent a stroke. 

I’ve been married to Karen for a long time. (When people ask how long, I always say “not long enough.” And we all enjoy a good laugh… and an eye roll from Karen.) 

And she’s heard most of my go-to jokes. But each day I can honestly say, without question, we share some laughs. Even on our worst days, there’s a way to find the humor in almost any situation. 

It’s worth looking for it. A healthy sense of humor is directly related to living a longer life.

Some doctors are even prescribing laughter to their patients. Funny videos. Joke books. Whatever tickles you is good for you. Really!

Humor keeps negative emotions in check. And it changes your perspective. Threats become challenges, something you can overcome, not something that overwhelms.

Charlie Chaplin once said that “In order to truly laugh, you need to be able to take your pain and play with it.” 

This pandemic is hardly funny. But just thinking about staff meetings wearing PJ bottoms, or the folks on the team whose dogs always chime in during discussions… there have been some chuckles. Pretty regularly, actually. 

It helps me make it through the day. And it’s keeping the whole team sane. 

If you can’t change what you’re dealing with, maybe you can change how you look at it. 

And humor gives you the power to do just that. 

So your homework assignment is to find something to laugh at today. Share a laugh with a loved one. And think about how you feel afterwards. 

It’s true – you’ll see – it’s the best medicine of them all.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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John R Cislaghi - December 14, 2020

do you know the difference between In Laws and Outlaws
Out laws are wanted
remark by Cardinal Cupich at todays mass

Theodore - December 14, 2020

I’m not certain if you got my message or not because this thing screwed up on me I don’t know what happened. but I just got done telling you that I appreciate very deeply what you’ve done with this message has really helped me at this time of the day. Even though I have many sorrows in my heart and I’m always pretty much down I don’t let it out to other people. Instead I make other people laugh and just helps me out I didn’t know about the nitric oxide that was debts a pretty cool thing do have learned I learned something today. It was especially hopeful to get your message today because yesterday we found out that my mom who’s been in a nursing home for a while tested positive for Wuhan. So they have her quarantined off and nobody can see her and I guess you can pretty much figure out the rest. but thank you for today’s message it was great it did help me and you have a very good Christmas thank you.

Paula - December 14, 2020

Jeff, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I have taken it a STEP further and started skipping instead of just walking. Or when no one is looking, I break into a weird funny “dance” and just LET IT ALL OUT. I end up laughing pretty hard at myself and feel WONDERFUL afterwards.

John - December 10, 2020


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