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On occasion, we like to tell you about donations Patriot Health Alliance (PHA) makes to charitable organizations. 

You know us well enough to know we do this not to blow our own horn or pat ourselves on the back. We tell you about these donations because they wouldn’t be possible without you.

We share a percentage of our profits with a variety of organizations. Most benefit U.S. veterans and their families. But we also support other philanthropic organizations.

Sometimes it’s a cash donation. Other times it’s a much-needed product gift. Or both. We make these contributions because we’ve been blessed and we want to bless others in need. They happen because of your purchases of Patriot Health Alliance products.  

Today I’m going to give you a brief capsule report of four of our donation recipients. This way you’ll know where some of your money is going.  

Companion Pets in Crisis

People who lose their home in a fire or other disaster are devastated. Emotionally and financially. Sometimes they have nowhere to keep their beloved pets during the recovery process.

They believe their only option is to turn them over to an animal shelter where they may not survive. Due to shelter over-crowding and euthanasia policies. Companion Pets in Crisis (CPiC) was founded on the principle that no one should ever be faced with that decision. 

CPiC is the only resource that Phoenix, Arizona-area fire departments and the American Red Cross rely on to assist first responders with 911 crisis calls involving pets. 

Trained responders provide on-scene emotional support for people. And valuable resources for the animals. Including pet supplies and pet food. Plus emergency temporary shelter for families’ pets involved with or displaced from their family or home due to the crisis.

Veterans Adventure Group

When Americans serve in the armed forces, they are given a mission. They develop a sense of duty and purpose. And they benefit from a committed network of support.

But what happens when those soldiers return to civilian life?

Unfortunately, many U.S. veterans find themselves without those things. Some turn to alcohol or drugs to fill a void. An alarming number commit suicide.

Veterans Adventure Group helps vets manage their civilian lives. They do it with retreats that provide camaraderie and teamwork. And serve as a framework for building, training and equipping.

For the more active and healthy vets, activities include extreme events. Such as mountain climbing, skydiving, rock climbing and kite surfing. For others, there is scuba diving and skiing. Plus caving, hiking and nature excursions.

The Great Cycle Challenge

More than 15,700 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States. Thirty-eight of them die every week. It’s the biggest killer of children from disease in this country. George T. Gagnon of Mechanicsville, Virginia was the parent of one of those children.

The Vietnam veteran and his wife lost their son, Geoffrey Thomas, at age 5 to Meningeal Sarcoma in 1977.  Through the years, they have supported a variety of cancer research fundraising events.

More recently, George has opted to ride for the cause. He became involved with The Great Cycle Challenge in 2017. He rode nearly 200 miles and raised over $1,000 for the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

In 2020, George rode 620 miles and raised $9,033. This year he hopes to assemble a team of riders.

Pets for Vets 

Pets for Vets® matched 25 veterans with their highly trained A.C.E™ companion animals in 2020. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

They also provided additional support to many of their previously matched veterans. Thanks to the help of sponsors such as Patriot Health Alliance. 

Many troops return from their service with physical and emotional injuries. Those issues make it difficult to transition back to civilian life. Pets For Vets connects our nation’s military veterans with rescued animals to create second chances and new beginnings.

Deserving shelter dogs receive a second chance while giving veterans a second chance at health and happiness. Pets For Vets has made 600 successful matches so far.

Patriot Health Alliance Spring Sweepstakes 

In the spirit of continually giving, we’d like to give back to our community (THAT’S YOU!) by providing you with a chance to enter the Patriot Health Alliance Spring Sweepstakes.

We’ll be giving 10 lucky winners a chance to WIN BIG, including several of our best-selling products.

 Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Seven lucky winners will get one month’s worth of Patriot Power Greens and a Patriot Power Blender.
  • Two lucky winners will get six months’ worth of Patriot Power Greens. Plus one Patriot Power Blender and one Patriot Pure Air.
  • The Grand Prize winner will get six months’ worth of Patriot Power Greens and six months’ worth of Patriot Power Protein. As well as four Patriot Power Blenders, one Patriot Pure Pitcher and one Patriot Pure Air.

This Sweepstakes has already begun and you only have until 5:00 PM PST tomorrow to enter. Be sure to go here before this Sweepstakes is closed. Good luck!

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Rosalynd Perlick - May 27, 2021

You are great! I appreciate the variety of choice organizations you have chosen to help.Some I was unaware of.Your compassion continues to show through your action. God bless yyou

Janet Whittemore - May 27, 2021

I was so glad to read your email today to see that they were donation to go out to help people and animals. Especially in the situation I have a fire, I know because my husband and I came from one. We lost a cat because he ran away, never found them. The other three were saved. So it’s good to see that somebody have to donate to that price. I know I don’t need to North shore animal league here on Long Island in New York I also have two jobs… Can I help out with the VA… I serve veterans in the afternoon. I know how important it is for interaction, not just to give them their food. And they just wanna see you happy face. So I think you fuck man my heart for all that you do. Thanks for the update sincerely Janet and Rich Whittemore

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