Patriot Immune Boost

1 review

Patriot Immune Boost

1 review

Keeping your immune system primed and ready is vital, now more than ever. It’s your best defense against an uncertain world. Based on the latest 2020 scientific research and backed by thousands of years of traditional use, Patriot Immune Boost keeps your immune system on alert every single day, helping it respond quickly and effectively as needed.

Unlike other immune formulas, and developed at the request of our most loyal customers, Patriot Immune Boost was specifically formulated to take daily – so there’s no need to “cycle.” It stands ready to support your body as it faces health challenges with a fast, safe and regulated immune response.

You’ll support whole body immune health and vitality with natural plant extracts, zinc, and vitamin D3, and maintain your immune response as needed.

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    Powerful Daily Immune Support for Troubling Times

    The body is constantly being bombarded with challenges. With the support of natural plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, you can maintain a healthy frontline immune response and boost your overall immune system, so it can function at its best. This means always being “on guard,” but not over regulated, which can be counterproductive.

    Natural ingredients shine at delivering this carefully modulated, safe, but potent response.  

    A daily immune formula provides the backup your body needs to respond safely, quickly and effectively to the health challenges that come your way. Ones that are expected… or ones you don’t even see coming.

    That’s because a daily immune formula takes the guesswork out of immune support. Patriot Immune Boost is specifically designed to be safe to take every day. There’s no need to cycle it “on” and “off,” or try to anticipate exactly when you might need a boost, to help keep you feeling your best.

    Patriot Immune Boost supports your immune system in multiple ways, so both your first and second lines of immune defense are ready to respond when called into duty. So you can avoid daily health challenges, and recover more quickly when they crop up. And it also supports your whole body health, providing a perfect foundation to stay strong and protected, despite the many challenges around us.

    The cornerstone of Patriot Immune Boost is AP-Bio®, a well-researched herbal extract, standardized to 7 specific and powerful phytonutrients. AP-Bio has been shown in double-blind placebo controlled studies to support but not overstimulate immune response. The 30% andrographolide content is particularly beneficial in supporting healthy inflammation, fighting fatigue, and supporting upper respiratory health.

    Frontline Immune Defense

    The ingredients in Patriot Immune Defense help your body recognize when it’s time to go to work, and respond quickly by supporting your innate immune response. It provides to support to your natural killer cells, white blood cells and the messengers of your immune system, your dendric cells.

    Secondary Immune Support

    Your adaptive immune system relies on B cells and T cells, and ingredients like astragalus help increase their response within 24 hours, as shown in human randomized placebo controlled tests.

    Supports Lung & Respiratory Health

    Lung health is a significant concern, and Patriot Immune Boost helps fortify and protect precious lung tissues. This includes support for immune response, and a focus on a healthy inflammatory response, both critical to overall lung and respiratory health in the modern world.

    Support for Seasonal Challenges

    The challenges we face change with the seasons, and with Patriot Immune Boost by your side, your immune response doesn’t take a vacation, no matter what time of year it is. Vitamin D is particularly impactful in fortifying your body, and keeping you in the game, not on the sidelines.

    Total Body Wellness Protection

    A strong, supported immune system goes hand-in-hand with overall wellness and daily health. Because Patriot Immune Boost is designed to take daily, you’re constantly fortifying your health foundation, and enjoying your healthiest days yet.

    Specifically Formulated for Today’s World

    While our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to the constantly changing environment around us, sometimes we need a “boost” to keep up. Patriot Immune Boost was prompted by the latest health challenges we face, and the newest research, combined with traditional use that goes back centuries. It’s designed to help safely defend your body and allow it to respond – to whatever it needs to beat back, whenever that may be.

    "I love purchasing from Patriot Health Alliance. I am totally satisfied with all the products that I have and will continue to purchase from Patriot Health Alliance, period!"

    Andrew S.

    "Products perform as advertised. Ship fast. I recommend to my friends and family who want to get healthier."

    Virginia W.

    "I love purchasing from Patriot Health Alliance. I am totally satisfied with all the products that I have and will continue to purchase from Patriot Health Alliance, period!"

    Andrew S.

    "Products perform as advertised. Ship fast. I recommend to my friends and family who want to get healthier."

    Virginia W.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever with Patriot Immune Boost, simply return the bottles (even if you’re down to your last capsule) and we’ll immediately issue you a full 100% refund of your purchase with no hassles or hard feelings.

    Q. What are the ingredients in Patriot Immune Boost?

    Q. What are the benefits of Patriot Immune Boost?

    A: Making Patriot Immune Boost part of your daily foundation for health is like putting your immune defense through advanced training. It helps keep your guard up, your body protected, and supports fast, effective and safe immune response to the challenges you may encounter.

    Your immune system is complex, and it includes both frontline and secondary defenses. Patriot Immune Boost supports them both, modulating your immune response so it doesn’t wear itself out, and is never asleep on the job.

    To protect your overall health and wellness, you want an immune system that’s strong, responsive and ready. With the ingredients in Patriot Immune Boost, you’re doing all you can to make sure you’ll have it, whenever the time comes.

    Q. How do I use Patriot Immune Boost?

    A: Unlike other immune formulas, Patriot Immune Boost was specifically designed to use daily. This takes the guesswork out of immune support, because it’s difficult to predict when it will be needed most.

     When you take it each day is up to you, but with daily use you’ll enjoy stronger total body wellness and an immune system that’s fully supported and primed to respond quickly.

    Q. How many servings are in a bottle of Patriot Immune Boost?

    A: Each bottle of Patriot Immune Boost contains 60 capsules, a 30 day supply at the recommended dosage of 2 capsules a day. Patriot Immune Boost is formulated to take daily, and you may safely double the daily dose for additional immune support if desired.

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    Catherine M.
    United States United States
    Saved from covid!

    I had covid and had doubled up on my dose through the duration and two weeks afterwards. I believe it saved my life! I have COPD so i was very scared when I tested positive for covid. But I had been taking your Patriot Immune Buster for about one month prior so I decided to double my dose when I got covid.Wow! It worked great along with the extra D3 I was taking. Thank you Patriot! I believe that survived covid because of your wonderful Immune Buster with herbs ,zinc and D3

    Patriot Health Alliance

    Hi Catherine, We appreciate your feedback. We are so happy to know that the Patriot Immune Boost has worked well for you. Best, Ashley