Ultimate Male

3 reviews

Ultimate Male

3 reviews

If you’re a man over 50 today, you likely have half the testosterone your father or grandfather did at the same age. The result is fatigue, weakness, and a general decline most often chocked up to “just getting old.” But you don’t have to accept this decline as inevitable.

You can support healthy testosterone levels naturally, with the potent combination of nutrients found in Ultimate Male. This unique formulation contains DIM, tonghat ali, epimedium, yohimbe, ashwaganda and zinc, to support your body’s natural testosterone production, and fuel energy and overall well-being as you age.

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    The Most Complete Male Potency Formula Available

    No other formula contains Ultimate Male’s blend of 7 proven potency-boosting herbs and nutrients.

    No other formula can protect you from hidden toxins and other Low-T triggers.

    And no other formula can address all the hidden causes and complications of your bedroom problems.

    Together, the 7 herbs and nutrients in this breakthrough formula are scientifically proven to help you...

    • Revive your sex drive and restore your lagging libido

    • Promote all-night-long stamina and help you “rise to the occasion” again and again...

    • Fight stubborn belly fat… rebuild muscle… and help you look (and feel) years younger…

    • Safely increase your testosterone levels… lower estrogen… and naturally balance your hormones…

    "I've been trying to find a product for 2 years. Ultimate Male seems to be doing the trick to increase my T naturally... thank you!"

    Dave M.

    "I've noticed an increase in my testosterone levels. I've also noticed increased energy, and everything is working well."


    "I've been trying to find a product for 2 years. Ultimate Male seems to be doing the trick to increase my T naturally... thank you!"

    Dave M.

    "I've noticed an increase in my testosterone levels. I've also noticed increased energy, and everything is working well."


    200% Money Back Guarantee

    200% Money Back - Simply check with your doctor and make sure they "okay" you to take Ultimate Male and follow the simple instructions included with your order. If you don't see dramatic improvements in your sex drive, your testosterone and your energy levels, then simply send everything back and we will give you 200% of your money back. That's correct, you will get DOUBLE your money back.

    100% Money Back Guarantee
    (Lifetime Guarantee)

    100% Money Back - This is a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you don't like Ultimate Male for any reason, simply send it back to us and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price (minus s&h).

    Q: Do you have a full list of the ingredients in Ultimate Male?

    Q: When will I get my order?

    A: If you live within the United States, your order will be shipped out immediately. All orders are sent by USPS Priority Mail. Your order will arrive within 2-5 business days. Orders for Canada usually take 10+ days to arrive.

    Q: What if Ultimate Male doesn't work for me?

    A: We've got you covered if Ultimate Male doesn't give you the results you're looking for. By our records, over 91% of our customers were happy with their Ultimate Male orders, so we know there is a small percentage of men that might not see the results they're looking for.

    If this is your case, just simply send back the bottles you have not used yet, and we will refund you 100% of your purchase price.

    We also offer a 200% money-back guarantee if you simply check with your doctor and make sure they "okay" you to take Ultimate Male, you follow the directions that come with your order and you don't see the results you want from Ultimate Male.

    Either way, you really have nothing to lose.

    Q: Will this interfere with any of the medications I take?

    A: There are no documented cases of Ultimate Male causing any problems with medications. Everything in Ultimate Male is 100% natural, unlike prescription drugs that can cause reactions. Your best bet is to double check with your Doctor before taking it.

    Q. Will I be enrolled in a subscription or “Auto Ship” program if I order today?

    A: No. At Patriot Health Alliance, we don't use sneaky automatic shipment programs or other ways to get you to order things you might not want. Today's purchase is a one-time order, with no future automatic bills or other such nonsense. We're simply giving you an incredible chance to stock up at a great price, before we sell out.

    Q. Is it safe to buy online?

    A: Buying online is absolutely one of the safest ways to shop! SSL Certificates authenticate our identity and encrypt the information visitors enter on our site. This keeps thieves from “overhearing” any exchange between our Web page and another computer. When an SSL Certificate is installed, you can rest assured that the information you send is secured and can’t be viewed by cybercrooks.

    Our SSL Certificate enables the browser and Web server to build a secure, encrypted connection. The SSL “handshake” process, which establishes the secure session, takes place discreetly behind the scenes without interrupting your shopping experience. A padlock icon in the browser’s status bar and the “https://”prefix in the URL are the only visible indications of a secure session in progress.

    The Patriot Health Alliance checkout page is secured with a Symantec Class 3 EV SSLWeb Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Encryption means that all data transmitted is scrambled, so even if something went awry, it would be meaningless to any unintended receiver.

    We use a third-party credit card processor that meets the strictest international standards for data security to manage our credit card payments, so no one ever has access to your credit card information. We do NOT keep your credit card number on file. We at Patriot Health Alliance understand that you are trusting us with your financial safety when you purchase from us online. We have done everything that is currently possible to ensure that your information is safe from beginning to end and we thank you for your confidence in us.

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    Matthew H.
    United States United States
    Ultimate Male

    In 4 days my energy improved and I sleep alot better. I'm 61years old and feel 10 years younger. Great product!

    Patriot Health Alliance

    Hi Matthew, We appreciate your feedback. We are happy to know that the Ultimate Male has helped you. Best, Ashley

    Howard A.
    United States United States
    Feeling Terrific

    I am a 65 year old male who has been using this product for 3-5 years now. After turning 60, I was feeling tired and irritable (*** drive was diminished) and going to work was not fun anymore. After taking this product for about 30 days, I noticed an increased energy level at work and in my personal life and my competitive edge is back to stay. I never miss a day without my Ultimate Male. Many thanks! - Howard

    John M.
    United States United States
    At 81.........

    My testosterone levels have waned, and exercise is some limited and not always useful, but when I use Ultimate Male regularly, the excise pays off. I may not be able to make new Muscle, but I can maintain what I have left. Thanks for carrying it!!!