Vital Vision Pro®

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Vital Vision Pro®

1 review

Keep your eyes strong and protected as you age. After all, your eyes are the key to enjoying the beautiful world around us and life’s precious moments with the ones we love. Just as important, healthy eyes will help you stay independent and self-reliant for years to come.

Support and defend your eyes, with science-based nutrition and the power of nature. Vital Vision PRO™ is designed to support your healthy vision and the strength of your eyes’ many complex parts. It will help you see clearly in comfort, without the annoyances of glare, fatigue or dry, irritated eyes.

When you fortify your eyes with carefully chosen nutrients, you’ll recover faster from glare, show improved contrast sensitivity and visual acuity, and keep your eyes strong as you age. Especially the macula, perhaps the most important part of your eye, and worthy of advanced protection.

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    Maintain Strong, Sharp, Comfortable Eyes – No Matter What Your Age

    We all want healthy, strong eyes and sharp vision. But are you doing your part to protect your eyes, and safeguard your independence and security? Beyond an annual eye exam, most of us aren’t. And it’s time we started, with proven nutrient support and the help of exciting new science in the field of eye comfort and performance.

    The ingredients in Vital Vision PRO have been shown to reduce tired, dry eye complaints, a growing concern with little besides annoying drops offered as a solution… until now. Vital Vision PRO helps you fight back – from the inside – to increase tear production naturally.

    It also helps fortify your eyes’ defenses against free radicals, and the onslaught of blue light from computers, televisions, phones and other electronics – which helps you see clearly, without bothersome eye fatigue or discomfort.

    The challenges to our eyes are only getting worse, with 8 out of 10 people using digital devices at least 2 hours a day, and indoor lighting rapidly transitioning to LED, which means even more exposure to high energy blue light. Protecting and nourishing your eyes means building the density of pigments in very important cells, like a natural armor “shield” against all the things they’re exposed to on a daily basis. And the ingredients in Vital Vision PRO help do just that.

    Navigating your world means eyes that are sharp, and sensitive to contrast and fine detail. They need to recover fast from low light, bright light and glare. And they need to be on the job working as they should, not a source of irritation or discomfort. With Vital Vision PRO, your eyes have leading edge science on your side, for a lifetime of healthy vision, safety and security.

    Specific Support for Critical Macula

    If you had to pick an “MVP” of your eyes, your macula would be it. It’s vitally important for sharp, clear vision – and it demands extra support as you age. The combination of healthy doses of lutein and zeaxanthin provides critical protection, and is backed by years of research as the “gold standard” of natural eye health.

    Daily Relief From Dry Eyes

    Dry, irritated eyes are not just annoying, they can negatively impact our energy, mood and even our sleep. The unique combination of MaquiCare®, a standardized extract of maqui berry, probiotics, and vitamin D, helps combat dry eye concerns, increasing natural tear production. This helps eliminate scratchiness, stinging, sensitivity to light and more – in a way you can feel, and see!

    Supports Visual Acuity and Sharpness

    It’s not enough to see clearly. You want to recognize small details, maintain focus, and see sharply, even in low light. With the combination of ingredients in Vital Vision PRO, you’ll know you’re doing your part to support the strength of your eyes, whether you’re behind the wheel, reading your favorite book, or just enjoying the beauty of a sunset with the one you love.

    Recovery from Bright Light & Glare

    If your eyes need more time to adjust to the light at dusk, when you go in and out of a dark room, or you squint when you walk outside into the bright daylight, your eyes may need extra support. Lutein and zeaxanthin together can improve your response to glare, and support contrast sensitivity. And bilberry has long been used – from WWII fighter pilots to everyday folks – to support night vision.

    Protection from Blue Light Dangers

    New science shows invisible blue light – from your phone or computer, TV and more – could be your eyes’ worst enemy. Fight back against blue light “burnout” with the added daily protection of Vital Vision PRO. In today’s world of increased screen time and the advance of LED lights, this added safeguard is a must, whether you’re a teenage “gamer” or a tech-savvy grandparent.

    Fight Fatigue & Even Sleep Better

    Tired, irritated eyes make you feel fatigued all over. But the ingredients in Vital Vision PRO help reduce eye strain, increase tear production and help keep you feeling – and seeing – sharp all day. And by adding nutrients that help filter and combat blue light, you’re protecting natural melatonin production, so you’ll sleep better too.

    "I am totally satisfied with all the products that I have and will continue to purchase from Patriot Health Alliance, period!"

    Andrew S.

    "Products perform as advertised. Ship fast. I recommend to my friends and family who want to get healthier."

    Virginia W.

    "I am totally satisfied with all the products that I have and will continue to purchase from Patriot Health Alliance, period!"

    Andrew S.

    "Products perform as advertised. Ship fast. I recommend to my friends and family who want to get healthier."

    Virginia W.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    This is a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you don't like Vital Vision PRO for any reason, simply send it back to us and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price (minus S&H).

    Q. What are the ingredients in Vital Vision PRO?

    Q. What are the benefits of Vital Vision PRO?

    A: Making Vital Vision PRO part of your daily foundation for health is like adding specific defenses for your most critical sense. It helps protect against free radicals, shield against blue light dangers, and support the most important part of your eyes.

    Your eyes are complex, and they need advanced nutrition to respond to daily challenges. This helps support better visual acuity and sharpness, so you see clearly and recover quickly from glare or changes in light. This is especially important while driving, reading or doing anything with fine details (even if that’s just reading the menu!).

    Your eyes need to be ready to serve you, without fatigue, irritation or dryness too. With the ingredients in Vital Vision PRO, you’re doing all you can to make sure they not only stay sharp, but comfortable too!

    Q. How do I use Vital Vision PRO?

    A: Vital Vision PRO is a daily support formula, for continuous protection. Your eyes don’t take a day off, and neither should your defenses. By bathing them in advanced nutrition, you’re going the extra mile to ensure a lifetime of strong and healthy eyes, and the comfort to enjoy everything this beautiful world has to offer.

    Q. How many servings are in a bottle of Vital Vision PRO?

    A: Each bottle of Vital Vision PRO contains 60 capsules, a 30 day supply at the recommended dosage of 2 capsules a day. Vital Vision PRO is formulated to take daily. It’s suggested you take them in the morning, so your eyes start the day with support, and the natural tear production that keeps them feeling great all day long.

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    Nancy B.
    United States United States
    Does exactly as promoted to do.

    I’ve been suffering from dry eyes and using drops for years. Since starting Pro Vision I have stopped using the drops and my eyes feel much stronger, I don’t give reviews easily but made an exception for an excellent product I will continue to use and hopefully will be of use to another 65+ person.

    Patriot Health Alliance

    Hi Nancy, We appreciate your feedback. We are happy to know that the Vital Vision Pro works great for you. Best, Ashley