Can’t Fall Asleep? Could be Coronasomnia

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. Especially these days with the pandemic raging on.

Health experts have even coined a name for COVID-related sleep issues… coronasomnia.

It’s no wonder why people are having trouble sleeping.

We’re stressed about our health and the health of our loved ones.

Some are feeling financial stress, particularly if your job has been affected by the pandemic.

And there’s the family stress as we’ve been cooped up together for months.

We’ve lost our regular routines and miss our old social interactions.

And as a result, our sleep has suffered.

A report back in July found that 36% of Americans were having trouble sleeping.

With all that’s going on in this country right now, I would guess that number is a lot higher today.

We’re a stressed-out nation.

And even if we do fall asleep, many of us are waking in the middle of the night due to nightmares.

As often happens during a crisis, there’s an uptick in dreams.

And not good ones. 

Maybe you’re being chased by a scary figure. Or, someone you love is in danger and you can’t reach them.

I’ve even had dreams lately where I show up somewhere and forgot my mask. That’s a new one!

You awake panicked, alert, and unable to get back to bed.

If we’re going to regain control of our sleep and start enjoying restful nights again, we’re going to have to take control of the stress we experience each day.

Now, obviously we can’t avoid all stress. The pandemic is ongoing.

But we can control how much negative messaging we expose ourselves too.

Try turning off electronic devices at least an hour before bed and keep them out of the bedroom so you’re not tempted to take a peek as you’re lying in bed.

Also, take a break from social apps and the news. 

There’s so much negativity these days… on our TVs, the web, and in newspapers.

I’ve stopped watching the news at night. It just gets me too riled up right now.

And, I’ve muted or blocked some folks on social apps so I’m not seeing posts that infuriate me. Pictures of dogs and babies are all I really want to see. 

I also take some time to do things each day that I enjoy and help bring my stress levels down.

Like spending some quality time with Ellie or going for a walk around the neighborhood with Karen.

Whatever you can do to find some peace, do it.

Find your happy place in the not-so-happy world.

If you’ve been having recurring nightmares, take some time to think about alternative endings for those dreams… better endings.

This process helps your body work out negative or stressful feelings its been holding on to.

With no end in sight for the pandemic, taking care of ourselves is the only way we’re going to regain control of our sleep.

Find ways to ease your stress each day and hopefully, you’ll sleep more soundly at night.

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Father Karl A Claver - October 28, 2020

I have been listening to Rush L for many years. He told us to limit the amount of news programs we watch, even on FOX NEWS because these shows can really upset us. I only watch Tucker Carlson now and J. Watters, and Judge J. on the weekends, otherwise not only do we become addicted to the TV, it can really upset us. Thank you for your great advice. May God bless you.

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