Warning signs that your circulation is in need of a tune up

You probably already know that healthy blood circulation is essential for optimal health.

When your heart is pumping strong and your blood is flowing as it should, your entire body gets help... from your head to your toes.

Each of your vital organs relies on proper blood flow to deliver the oxygen and other essential nutrients it needs to function at peak levels.

But when your blood is not flowing properly, the outcome is real symptoms you can actually feel.

Warning signs that your circulation is in need of a tune up.

One of the first signs of circulation problems is cold hands and feet.

You see, if your blood flow is compromised, you may not get enough warm blood to your extremities.

As an outcome, your hands and feet are as cold as ice and you're left wearing gloves and wool socks, even during warmer months.

But that's not all... with poor circulation there are many other symptoms your body reflects. From digestive and memory issues, to problems "down there."

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