5 Tips to Survive Spring Allergies

If you’re one of the many people who look at the coming of Spring with a bit of anxiety instead of joy, you’re not alone.

For those with seasonal issues, especially with your sinuses, that first robin or blooming flower outside your window means a return of congestion, pressure, and sinus pain.

Trouble sleeping. Throbbing, persistent challenges that won’t let up.

And a feeling that your head is full of cotton.

There’s not much you can do to stop the world around you from coming into bloom. But you can start taking steps now to protect yourself.

Consider these tips an “ounce of prevention.”

Like using a humidifier, or an air filter. A good air filter will make you feel significantly more comfortable, especially if you keep one in your bedroom while you’re asleep, and most vulnerable. And adding moisture to the air can keep sinus membranes more comfortable, and prevent thickening mucus.

You can also clear out clogs with a saline spray, xylitol spray or Neti pot. Just be careful to use clean water in a Neti pot, or else you run the risk of introducing bacteria into your sinuses (not good).

And keep any xylitol products away from your dog if you have one. They can really make your pup sick.

If you’re already suffering, a warm compress, or a hot shower can help open you up and ease sinus pressure.

And up your water intake too. Staying hydrated is not only a must for your health, it also helps lead to thinner mucus.

Remember: treatments that dry up your mucus are counterproductive. Mucus is important, and necessary. But it needs to be thin, so it doesn’t get impacted.

Since I moved to Florida, my seasonal concerns are more of a low grade, all-year round thing. Not so bad, especially with the right nutrition.

But I certainly don’t miss living in an area where the seasonal change comes in like a lion.

A lion living inside my head. 

I hope you avoid this seasonal beast too. I know from experience it can do a number on you.

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