Sunday Thoughts ("virtuous" cycle)

I work with a great team here, and with how busy we've been, we're growing like mad.

Even in the middle of a chaotic year, we've been able to help a lot of people. And create some good jobs too.

When someone new comes on board, I like to share with them our core values. The things that help direct everything we do around here.

One of them is "We see the glass half full."

I like this, because I'm not a natural optimist. I'm more of a realist.

And for some folks, seeing the glass as "half full" feels a little artificial.

But believe me, attitude matters. In how you do your job, how you live your life, and even, as it turns out, how healthy you are.

Do you try to find the upside in a difficult situation? Or do you find yourself dwelling on the negatives?

According to a huge study – with over 2.5 million participants – how you answer these questions will have a significant impact on how healthy you are.

In short, if you have a positive attitude (or try to, at least) and are generally satisfied with your life, you live longer and with fewer health problems.

You've probably heard of a "vicious cycle." One bad thing leads to another, until things spiral out of control.

But you can create a "virtuous cycle" instead.

When you're more positive, this greater sense of well-being and happiness leads you to make healthier choices. Which boosts your health and helps you live longer. Which makes you happier...

You get the idea.

Now, you may be thinking "Jeff, that's great if you're naturally a positive person. But I'm not. What now?"

If that's you, there's something you should know.

While many people think being "half full" or "half empty" is something you're born with, the research doesn't support that.

You can improve your outlook. You can be more positive.

I've spoken often about taking time out of your day to express gratitude, and what this can mean for your mood and well-being.

This year has made it even more clear. Taking care of yourself – your diet, your lifestyle, and making smart choices – are important tools to protect your health.

You need to shore up your own health foundation, because as a country we're challenged as never before.

In short, healthcare is selfcare. You need to look out for yourself, including your attitude, to face today's challenges at your best.

It may not come naturally. But it's worth paying attention and really trying.

And if you need something to be happy about, how about this: in only two months, this dumpster fire of a year will finally end.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And be safe.


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Mike Kelly - November 2, 2020

Hey Jeff, You have planted some very important /true seeds in this post. I hope they find fertile ground and take root. Have a great week. It is exciting times !

Vicki Casson - November 2, 2020

While I agree with you that, even if your having a tough time, you should “Look at Your Glass Half Full,” it’s kinda hard for me to do this. I say this because of several things = While we’re all worried about catching Covid, I am EXTRA worried because my partner’s job. He’s a maintainance man, and has to inter-act with LOTS of people everyday on the job ! Added to this is the “long standing problem” of him being (emotionally) abusive to me (almost) everyday ! Last, but not least, is (unrelenting) sadness I’m dealing with because of my daughter’s recent death. And, even though I know I should STILL “Look at the Glass Half Full,” for the sake of my emotional and physical health, it’s AWFULLY hard. *would you have any (sage) advise for me ?

Margaret Dalessandro - November 2, 2020

Hi There: I have read with interest your article regarding Being Positive or Being Negative. I am so happy to be one of those persons who has lived my life to the age of 90 going on 91, and I can thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to have a very positive attitude regarding good times and also bad ones. I never understood anyone with a negative attitude,,,,,to me life is only positive. Keep up the good work you do in giving information to everyone. With Love, Peg Dalessandro

PEGGY McCormick - November 2, 2020

Thanks for the positive messages.This area of NO is recovering from a strong hurricaine.One thing most people are saying tight away “Thank God it is not Aug.!” I am glass half full
gal.Thanks for putting it out there.Peggy

Sona Medina - November 2, 2020

Sometimes the glass is half full, but many times it’s not

DAVE DUNCAN - November 2, 2020

Attitude determines altitude 👍

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