Sunday Thoughts (wake-up)

It’s a common thread. Among my friends, my readers, and even in my own family.

We’ve all had the experience of trying to make a change – like exercising more, or cleaning up your diet, or getting more sleep – only to fall back into old habits in a couple weeks.

This is not the exception. It happens most of the time.

Less than 7 out of 100 Americans consistently meet the basics when it comes to supporting their health for the long haul. 

So the question is this: how do you make a change that can really last?

I recently came across a study from a number of years ago that tried to answer this.

The researchers looked at a few dozen people who dropped the pounds and kept it off, or quit smoking for good. And they tried to find out why they were the success stories.

In most cases, the people in the study made a life change because of a significant life crisis, related to their health or relationships. Or they hit a milestone birthday and it scared them into action.

This is something we don’t talk about much, but it isn’t that surprising. 

A health crisis is often a blaring wake-up call to do something to get healthy, before it’s too late

But listen closely. You may not be in the middle of a health crisis this minute. But it’s safe to say we are all – all of us – together experiencing a health crisis with this swirling pandemic. 

And maybe we can use that for some good.

Maybe, just maybe, this is your wake-up call. 

To motivate you, inspire you to improve your health, boost your immunity, build resistance and strength, and travel down the road to lasting wellness. 

It’s more clear than ever, friend. Preventing and reversing chronic disease is the best way to increase your odds of a long and healthy life. 

And it’s also the best way to protect your health against this current crisis, or the next.

The wake-up call is here. Will you answer it?

Something to think about.

Be safe out there. 

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Kiannaa - November 23, 2020

Hi! I would like to say “Thank you!” I just entered the Christmas Holiday giveaway and I have ordered over the last two..maybe it is three years…LOTS of the food, the Sun Rocket-3, 2-1800 Generators, flashlight, water purifier, oh gosh and much more! Just last week, I ordered the half pint generator!! The one thing I would love to see or purchase if you have it is a wind up radio! Again, I am so very grateful for your company as I feel safer knowing that I am better prepared with food, power for my freezer and refrigerator and soon for my lights, etc with my half pint generator! I am excited for its arrival! I am also crossing my fingers that I win the Christmas Holiday Giveaway!! I would LOVE to share the gifts with family so that they are better prepared!

James Hill - November 23, 2020

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and caring about our journey in life.

Charles Tinsley - November 23, 2020

1 Corinthians 6:19,20. My body is the home of the Holy Spirit, I’ve been bought & paid for with the precious lifeblood of Christ, a really good reason what goes in my body and what doesn’t.

Barbara - November 23, 2020

Thank you for getting this information out to people.

Patrick - November 23, 2020

Well put today and it hits home for sure. Last March I quit smoking for good. Or at least if feels like it’s for good. One of the main reasons I quit (probably my 10th try)? Covid. I read where it’s harder on smokers. As strange as it may sound, the pandemic has actually brought me a positive. It feels good to be free of cigarettes, finally!

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