Sunday Thoughts (what’s in YOUR bag?)

Because I’ve been working from home for months now, the days seem to blend together.

That hard break between “the work week” and “the weekend” has gotten awfully mushy.

So yesterday was one of those Saturdays where I caught up on a lot of research and reading.

Technically it’s work I guess. But I enjoy it, so it’s also fun too.

Especially when I come across studies that make me really scratch my head.

One of the things that went by the wayside during this pandemic is the use of reusable grocery bags.

I don’t know about you, but up until maybe February or March, my grocery routine involved bringing my own big bags to tote my food.

Sure, it’s probably better for the environment. To me though, it’s far more convenient. I can pack a lot more into these big bags, and they’re much easier to carry.

But the stores won’t let you use them now. They’re not as sanitary. I get it.

The one plus that’s obvious to me is, now I have a ton of plastic grocery bags. I typically have a couple in my pocket on my walks, for when Ellie “does her business.”

And yet, there’s another plus that I hadn’t considered. Maybe you’ve noticed it yourself.

It’s this: we may be getting less junk food as a result.

Wait, what? The type of bag you use influences what food you will get?

Well according to a couple professors at Harvard and Duke, the answer is yes, sort of.

Here’s what they found. They dug into years’ worth of loyalty card data from grocery stores. Almost 150,000 trips to the store. And these environmentally conscious “BYOB” (bring your own bag) folks tended to get more organic foods.

They were 13% more likely to do it.

But what surprised them was this next thing. These “green” shoppers were also getting 7% more cookies, chips and candy than other shoppers.

The researchers say it may be because of something called “the licensing effect.”

Basically, it means if you feel you’re doing something good – like getting organic or saving a plastic bag – it gives you license to get yourself a treat.

This happens a lot around Christmas. Have you ever found you pick up a “little something” for yourself, when you’re out shopping for gifts?

It’s fun to think about, although I don’t know what’s really happening right now. This research all took place before the pandemic.

What about you? Are you slipping more cookies into your bag, or less?

You can be honest… I’m not telling!

It’s ok to treat yourself, especially if you’re doing some good out there in the world. But like anything… don’t overdo it.

Because one cookie can lead to another, if you’re not careful.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And be safe out there.

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Bea - October 12, 2020

What bothers me about not being allowed to bring our own bags to the grocery store is now we’re being charged for the bags we’re forced to use.

Carol Greene - October 12, 2020

Love your daily comments! Keep them coming< Educational and refreshing. Thank You.

David Fryauff - October 12, 2020

Thanks for your insight and smooth writing style.

Really enjoy your views and information.

Warm regards to you & yours

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