[VIDEO] Valentine’s Day treat?

We've all been there. Valentine's Day rolls around, and your sweet tooth starts aching. But with everything so high in sugar, you know you'll feel it on your gut for weeks. How do you please your sweet tooth without downing a bucket-load of sugar?

Watch how to make no-hassle, guilt-free ice cream >>

If you're like me, you want something sweet, but don't want the guilt of eating all that sugar. Well, we here at Patriot Health Alliance have found an easy way to enjoy some sweet, no-guilt ice cream.

And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we want to share our recipe with you.

All it takes are a few fruits, some cocoa powder, a little bit of milk, and a good blender. We used the Patriot Power Blender in this video to get all our fruits mixed smoothly.

The result? An ice cream that's as good for your body as it is for your taste buds!

You can even try different flavor combinations to find one that fits you. Don't like bananas? Greek yogurt makes a great substitute. You could even throw in some Patriot Power Greens™ to try a new way to get your daily fruits and vegetables. The great thing about this ice cream is that you can make it to fit your taste buds.

Try it out – your kids or grandkids might even beg you to make more.


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