Keeping Pets and Families Together in Times of Crisis

I've mentioned before that all of us here at Patriot Health Alliance share a passion for health and wellness.

But there's one more thing that binds us together. Our love of animals, and dogs in particular.

It's not uncommon to come into the Patriot Health Alliance office and find a dog or two roaming the halls, greeting each and every person that passes by.

And over the last year, as we've been working more from home during the pandemic, we've gotten to spend lots of quality time with our own pets.

Here's employee Morgan's pup Dallas, enjoying some breakfast sprinkled with Greens for Dogs™ before getting started with a hard day of work.

The extra time with our furry friends certainly has been a silver lining to this difficult time.

I simply could not have gotten through the last year without Ellie's sloppy kisses, constant companionship, and walks around the neighborhood.

If you've been with us a while, you know that charity has been a cornerstone of Patriot Health Alliance from the start.

We started with donating a portion of our sales to groups dedicated to supporting U.S. Veterans.

And as our business has expanded, so has the group of nonprofits we've supported.

One of the more recent ones is Companion Pets in Crisis (CPiC).

This fantastic non-profit group based in Phoenix, Arizona is dedicated to keeping pets and families together in times of crisis.

By providing pet supplies, pet food and emergency temporary shelter for families' pets, CPiC helps pet owners work through their crisis without having to surrender their pets.

CPiC's fundamental belief is that pets are family. Something all of us here at Patriot Health Alliance agree with.

Which is why we recently donated approximately $2,000.00 worth of Greens for Dogs to CPiC. To help them in their mission of supporting pets and their families together.

Is there an organization in your town doing great things for pets in need?

I'd love to hear about them. Just leave me a note in comment section below.


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Judy Wilson - February 2, 2021

Hi all! I live in Grandview MO and here we have a wonderful no-kill shelter called Wayside Waifs. I totally agree with the pairing of pets to parents. I’ve actually gotten the past 4 of my own babies from WW. They do a great job of making the introductions and making sure they are a good fit. I love the work they’re doing and I recommend anyone in need of a pet visit a re-homing shelter. There’s lots of love they have to give!

Dr Kort - February 2, 2021

I would like to share w you one of my favorite organizations. Paws4success in Chino Hills California We love helping this group. They are creating service and therapy dogs for Veterans and civilians with disabilities. Children are also a huge part of this wonderful organization. Call Dave or Nicole on how you can help them. Dr KORT

Tammy Hopkins - February 2, 2021

That is a great charity! People in hard situations sometimes feel they have to give up their pets. So glad there is some support in Arizona.

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