Sunday Thoughts (the blessing in the burden)

I talk about how important feeling – and expressing – gratitude is, quite a bit.

It’s very powerful. 

And when the world feels like it’s crumbling, with all kinds of negative news and hardship, it’s very hard sometimes to find those things to be thankful for. 

Something to savor and appreciate.

But it’s times like these where finding and feeling your gratitude is most powerful. 

It’s easy to feel happy when things are going well.

When you’ve gotten a kick in the tail, not so much.

But it’s the most challenging moments of our lives that bring the most wisdom. It’s just hard to see it, to find it, to feel it. 

You have to do a little searching to bring this out and make it visible to your soul.

One way to do that is by writing it down. A “gratitude journal.” 

What am I thankful for? What is going well? 

You can start by filling out a statement like this:

A challenge that helped me grow into a better “me” is:

Once you write this down, take a minute. Find the hiding blessing in that experience. 

Some people call this “the blessing in the burden.” I call it giving yourself a much needed pat on the back.

Bette Davis once said “Getting old ain’t for sissies.” It does challenge you, that’s for sure. 

But it also gives you wisdom and strength.

You just need to look for it sometimes. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

P.S. Once you’re in the mood to start writing things down, now’s a good time to set some goals for yourself. After all, today marks one month down in this new year we’re in. And “New Year’s Resolutions” don’t have to start on January 1. 

Tomorrow’s a new month. Make it a good one by setting a goal and accomplishing it!

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Sandy Kneale - February 2, 2021

Hello Mr. J. Reagan,
Thank you for your “thought of the day”, You sound
like a very wise man who cares about people,,, not
just for business..
God Bless…

Sandy Kneale

Mary Ann Almeida - February 2, 2021

Thanks, Jeff! I think that writing when things are challenging and overwhelming is an important and very helpful solution. A Gratitude Journal is an awesome idea!
Gratitude helps recognize Truth and see things from a more positive perspective. Beginning and continuing the writing process itself can be a challenge. This process requires us to create some precious moments of quiet time for ourselves. This is not selfish, this is reenergizing - and that’s important. Now that I have expressed these thoughts, I’m going to take these suggestions and make them happen.

Rebecca SWINSON - February 2, 2021

Thank you very much for the gratitude jounal ( idea ) andoff/on. have done this. I have several real stressers one a human and all bad press etc..
Overcoming two big medical episodes and a neglectful abuse and lies from an ex. More but Istart day being thankful for being to see, hear move around and get out of bed..etc

So nice of u to talk to us yyour customers UX. often overlooked.
I am retired sales/CNA and “copywriter” trying mentally & physically to stay afloat..
Truely yous

Margaret - February 2, 2021

I’m touched at the random email from you about gratitude. Doing business these days almost always feels like a daunting trap that includes a customer compromising, even jeopardizing his/her privacy in order to purchase essentials or other items on-line. The tension I feel when purchasing or shopping on line includes the sense of succumbing to a lesser evil for the purpose of convenience or sustaining a home (COVID, limited supply, medical, Heath). But your email to me gave me a refreshing sense of gratitude. To know a vendor/business partner, exhibits gratitude by taking time to write a note without seeking recompense or more money through business-sizing his customers is the gratitude I have not considered but so grateful to experience.z thank you

Carol Greene - February 2, 2021

Just want to say Thank you for all the words of encouragement. Look forward to every posting!

Beth Favo - February 2, 2021

This message was an answer to my prayer. Concrete suggestions for a specific problem. Thank you

Annette - February 2, 2021

Thanks for your email. This one really hit home because this last month my husband passed from Covid and Tuesday is the funeral. I really appreciated the pep talk. Keep it up 😊🙏🙏👍

Donald Newberry - February 2, 2021

Thank you for your great products and for your concern for product quality. You have become a very trusted friend to many people who are concerned about their health and safety in these troubling times. Thank you all so very much and may God bless you all.

Mike Frazier - February 2, 2021

Great encouragement in your thoughts.
I use a similar method from Philippians 4:8; “think on these things..” It clenses my mind for moving through difficulties.

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