Sunday Thoughts (what next?)

So... where do we go from here?

It's a question I've been thinking about a lot lately.

In the shower, on my walks, as I drift off to sleep.

In my lifetime, I don't recall a time where this country I love has felt so divided.

It's worrying.

If you're at all paying attention, you're probably a little worried too.

But if there's one thing I yammer about repeatedly here it's trying to find the good in the bad. To sift through the rubble and elevate the light.

And you know what? Even though it feels like our country is fractured, even the worst broken bones eventually start to heal.

It starts with remembering that for all our differences, we've got more in common that we typically remember.

Think about how your day started this morning. Did you enjoy a nice cup of coffee? I did.

And so did 150 million other Americans.

So a lot of us can agree on something at least.

While we're enjoying our coffee, we're probably tending to our pets. 85 million of them.

Now you may not agree with your neighbor about everything, but when you're standing together in the dog park, you've got something pretty special in common with the folks next to you.

If you've got a cell phone, you're the same as 96% of your fellow countrymen and women. We can't agree on a lot, but nearly everyone will admit – this technology is pretty amazing.

No matter what news you're reading on it, or where it comes from.

I know Sunday mornings in my house are typically filled with the smell of bacon. I can remember when bacon was a scapegoat for every health ill known to man.

I never paid attention to that, and 8 out of ten of you don't either.

Because come on, it's bacon. 268 million Americans eat it. How many other things like that do many people agree on these days?

And think about this when you start to worry that there's more bad than good in the world. You're part of something here that regularly supports valuable veterans and military charities.

People who could really use (and certainly deserve) the help. You're doing that.

And 6 out of 10 households in this country are generously supporting charities too.

Today, every hour, 15 children will be adopted. Finding a new family, and starting a new life. And this year, over 3 million pets will also find new homes too.

If you can't smile about those things, you need to try harder.

So when I start to feel down, or wonder why things aren't so good right now, I have to catch myself with a reminder.

The country may be in a bad place. But the people, the people still are good.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And stay safe.


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Nancy Ostrem - February 8, 2021

Thanks much for your letter of encouragement. It was a breath of fresh air in these times! Gratitude, as you have referred to before can never be underestimated. God always gives us what we need and you have partnered with Him. NJO

Surbala Negi - February 8, 2021

If only everybody thought like that we would not be having any difference between us.
God bless you

Helen Johnson - February 8, 2021

Jeff, thanks for your thoughts today! We all need to be reminded ; that we have things to be grateful for! Even if bad things are going on; the Lord still blesses us! We tend to forget; He is the one that is truly in control! In the end: "the Lord will prevail over ALL thing! Whether they be great or small!

Lee Anne - February 8, 2021

Very uplifting message today! We just adopted a 9 year old black lab mix from a rescue who absolutely reminds us daily how lucky are to have him in our “Furever” Home and visa versa! Walks with him are much more pleasant than watching the news even with he colder temperatures and constant wins of late! We are blessed to have his Angel 😇 in our lives>

Rosalie A. Scott - February 8, 2021

Way to go brother. God directs us that when things are looking bad, look up!
Good job.

Joyce Atlee - February 8, 2021

Today’s Sunday Thoughts really cheered me up on a cold, dreary day! The commonality of pets, cellphones, and bacon—what a unique perspective! Thank you, Jeff.

Chris Shoesmith - February 8, 2021

Very well said. Finding common ground seems like a lost art these days, but you clearly showed how easy the first step can be. Thank you.

Diane Haslar - February 8, 2021

Thank you Jeff or your Sunday mornin thoughts! So True!

Laurie La Bonte - February 8, 2021

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Sunday thoughts . I share them with others .
I count my blessings everyday. And when you think about it there are many things to be thankful for.
I have been thinking of drinking some golden milk at night but your golden tea recipe sounds better.

Marcia Naroditsky - February 8, 2021

I thoroughly enjyed you comments today. Looking for what unites us rather than divides us is great medicine!

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