Cheat day... have the ice cream

I preach a ton about goals. Sticking to a plan. And eating a healthy and balanced diet, with an emphasis on fruits & veggies.

So what I’m going to say next may surprise you. 

Maybe you should take these healthy eating goals and chuck them out the window.

If only for an hour, or maybe a whole day.

You see, there are some experts who think, especially when it comes to healthy eating, that the key to a successful lifestyle change (don't call it a diet) is to throw caution to the wind once in a while.

And cheat. Like, really cheat.

Whatever you've given up - whether that's salty chips, a juicy cheeseburger on a soft bun, or rich chocolate cake... just go for it.

Some people think that if you allow yourself to break from restrictions and just eat whatever you want, it's the best way to actually stay healthy.

Or even break through a plateau if you've been dropping a few pounds and suddenly, things stop.

How? Well, there is some science to it.

When you change what you eat, your body adjusts to receiving fewer calories, and your metabolism slows down. It can be frustrating for you to be steadily losing weight and then you hit a rut. 

But if you throw a bunch more kindling on the fire, you can interrupt this pattern.

The end result is, after your "cheat meal," you actually end up eating less.

Plus, it's hard to be "good" all the time, isn't it?

So while I don't normally eat this stuff, if I'm in Philly, it's time for a soft pretzel or a cheesesteak.

And if you think I'm not having a slice of pizza if I'm in New York, well... fuhgetaboutit.

You have to know yourself though. Are you the type who can get back on track?

I know what it takes to make me feel good. And I know that if I eat like this too much, not only will pounds creep back on, I'm going to feel sluggish or bloated or just plain lousy.

After resetting my way of eating years ago, I don't crave the same things I used to. And sometimes a cheat meal or day just reminds me why I don't eat these things that often in the first place.

If you think stepping away from your goals just sets you up for a week-long bender of pizza and ice cream, maybe it's not for you.

Because nothing really tastes as good as being healthy feels.

So if you’re out and about this summer and you find an ice cream shop that looks good, get yourself a scoop.

Just don’t load up your freezer at home with a bunch of pints afterwards. 

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Glendia Burt - August 29, 2021

Some of your message is good and correct, I read another article you wrote about buffalo. You are the only one that knows about you and what you eat and can’t. But cutting down on the portion’s is even better.
And as far as bufflo your are correct there to. My husband has been getting buffalo for the last 10 years. We pay for it and he gets to shot it and then skin’s it, and we cut it up are self and taking out the bones.. and make are own hamburger. We do add beef fat to it, and add about 3 to 2 percent fat with it. Its a bland meat no smell and no taste. So I add my seasoning and I do tenderize it(the tough parts and cover and set in the fridge for one to three days. Then broil it and you can cut it like beef steak. The other thing is your meat size shouldn’t be bigger then a deck of cards (or some where in that area) more vegtable raw and cook. Then you can cheat and keep a health heart to. Also adding fruit to the diet helps and when making your goodies add fruit when you can.

Joan Young - August 27, 2021

This article is spot on. As a “dieter” all of my life I discovered this a long time ago. You have to have a day when you don’t feel deprived. I also found if you go right back to your healthy eating the next day it is very unlikely that you will gain any weight!!!

Dana Hall - August 26, 2021

As a retired nurse, I totally agree with Jeff about a ‘cheat’ meal/day. It. Seems a lot of cancer patients lose their taste and also weight. I have seen this with my mother-in-law. She tries to eat “healthy” but when she craves something special we always encourage her. I think it helps her eat more for awhile.

NANCY NALLEY - August 26, 2021

i feel kindness towards everyone yet i have no real friends and my daughter a beautiful girl a PHYSICIST, a Founding member of the TEXAS Rollergirls of the rebirth of Roller Derby , a very kind young lady .Well Erick Ohlson murdered her while she was in TETON Valley ,So dealing with Grief i actually don’t put weight on .and feel sad . But I as far as your products they are great !! thank you for listening me to whine ~~Nancy in Texas

Linda L Bricky - August 26, 2021

I was always skinny growing up. Now at 83 I have a fat stomach and butt. I need to lose about 25 pounds in the right places. I have never gone on a diet and don’t know how to do it. What diet do you suggest?

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