The Cost of Expanding Waistlines

You’ve probably heard that the U.S. population is not only growing older, it’s also growing wider.

And that means certain industries have had to adjust. 

Hospitals need larger beds to accommodate larger patients. 

Clothes manufacturers are having to produce bigger clothes for their bigger clientele.

But there’s another business that has had to adapt too. And who knew there was such a thing?

The crash test dummy industry!

But I suppose it makes sense. 

As drivers get heavier and waistlines expand, how they may be injured in a crash changes too.

Until recently, the majority of male “dummies” were designed to represent the “statistically average man” from a few decades ago: 5-foot-9, 172-pounds.

Today, the average man is pushing 200 pounds. And the impact of a crash on a 200-pound man can be quite different than one nearly 30 pounds heavier.

Now I don’t know about you, but I love driving. 

I love the independence it gives me to be able to go where I want, when I want.

I want to drive for as long as I can. And, that’s why I follow my 3 simple rules for staying healthy, so I don’t end up like one of those “bigger” crash test dummies.

First, I watch what I eat. 

I stock my kitchen with healthy foods. Meat, eggs, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and healthy oils. (You know, the foods we’re intended to eat.)

Plus, I drink lots of water. Staying hydrated gives me a boost of energy and helps curb my appetite in the best way possible.

Of course, I work out regularly as well. 

Exercise gets my heart pumping, helps me burn fat, and boosts my mood. 

And, finally, I make sure I get regular sleep each night so I’m well-rested and alert when I’m driving.

I know I want to maintain my independence and drive for as long as I can. I’m sure you do, too. 

If you do your best to eat right, move your body every day, and get enough shut-eye each night you’ll not only stay healthier, but also quicker to adapt and react behind the wheel.

And put some distance between you and those big plastic dummies. 

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Linda - September 21, 2021

I feel the same as you Jeff. I am a people watcher I am 72 years old and I don’t feel old at all and yes I love my independence. Driving is my all time favourite sport.
Healthy living and eating I have been on this road for many years and it has paid off. The only thing I was worried about was my U Control and I was especially excited when I got your email about you health product U Control I have been taking it for the last 6 months although I have it under control in the first three months there are other health benefits I feel that helps me maintain a healthy life still. God bless you and keep you in the work you are doing Helping people to help themselves

Diane E Hebel - September 21, 2021

I am doing all that you do
I just turned 71 on Sunday and I too want to grow older and stay healthy
I still work and I eat right and am now at my high school weight of 112
I realized that I had to guard my health and things are good as I also don’t have medical problems
Thanks for all you do
Love and Blessings to all of you!

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