On the Flip Side – Seeing the Glass Half Full

Life throws a lot of stuff at you.


Some of it is bad. (On this point, even the most disagreeable of us would probably agree.)


Some of it is good.


And some of it just annoying, frustrating or makes you feel like it’s time to crawl back in bed.


In the office here, we talk about seeing the “glass half full.” Sounds like a cliché, but when you actually pay attention to it, it can be powerful.


OK, I'm not Mr. Sunshine all the time.


When I get a flat tire, I don't jump for joy. I probably utter a few choice words that might have gotten me a mouthful of Ivory back in the day.


But when life feels like you've accidentally knocked over a beehive, maybe it's time to take a moment and enjoy the taste of honey.


Like my flat tire. At least I have a car. Not everyone can say that.


Stuck at the airport because your flight’s delayed? Well, if it's because mechanics are working on making sure the flight is safe, and everyone gets home in one piece... well, "thank you" feels pretty good vs. blowing your stack.


And trust me. No flight ever gets back on track just because you shoot off your mouth.


Stuck in traffic? Think about how lucky you have to have someplace to go. A job, to see a loved one, or the means to go shopping.


I can remember a comedian talking about how frustrated people get when their cell phones don't work absolutely perfectly, every single time.


Think about it. You carry in your hand a mini computer that gives you access to virtually every written word ever written. And lets you talk to people around the globe, sending messages to space!


Sorry it didn't post your cat picture right the first time.


I'm not really trying to tell you up is down, or East is actually West. When bad things happen, they can be really bad. And it's ok to feel mad or sad about it.


But if you at least look for the flip side, it makes picking yourself up and dusting yourself off that much easier.


I'm still looking for the "good" from shattering a brand-new jar of tomato sauce all over my garage floor carrying groceries into the house.


Well, it did force me to make a pesto instead. And it was pretty tasty. 


So that’ll work for now.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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John - May 12, 2024


Aniko - September 7, 2021

My family just came through Ida and we are safe but dealing with a lot of inconvenience like being evacuated, loss of income etc. But God did protect us, must have other plans for us.

Charles - September 5, 2021

Good morning Jeff.
I enjoy your Sunday comments as well as Patriots products.
It would help reduce plastic production and waste if Patriots would give customers the option of reordering products minus the plastic shakers and plastic scoop servers.
When I reorder I always ask them not to send me any plastic shakers as I don’t need them, and they consequently don’t send them to me anymore.
The plastic scoops are a separate issue, and I continue to be inundated with them, although the original one for each product will essentially last forever.
Hopefully this will change as soon as possible.
Thank you Jeff, and Godspeed on your all’s company keeping up the good work.
Kind Regards.
Charles R. Streich

Brian Hill - September 5, 2021

Thank you for you emails. I appreciate them. Its great to hear from someone having the same issues in life, LOL. Your products are THE BEST ON THE MARKET! I plan on getting more in the near future. SEMPER FIDELIS Brian L. Hill.

Bifurcatio - September 5, 2021

This was excellent thinking and writing; a very good expose on the Yin/Yang nature of the Cosmos. Most folks have been taught that the Yin is completely separated from the Yang and set in brutal, bloody conflict with each other turning every conflict into a dilemma, rather than a Zen Koan, as all contradictions should be perceived as. There is just no separating one side of a coin from the other. Deal with it. Even Jesus said, “Heaven and Hell are both right here on Earth”. To their psychological/Spiritual peril, most ignore this.

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