How clean is your water?

I’ve noticed something about people lately. And it doesn’t matter whether I’m in the airport, in an office, or out in the woods on a hiking trail.

More and more people have them. Either clutched in their hand or clipped to their bag. Sitting on their desk. Or pressed to their lips. 

No, I’m not talking about cell phones (though most people have those too). 

I’m talking about water bottles. A refillable water bottle seems to be a hot accessory these days. And for the most part, that’s a really good trend.

It’s certainly healthier than a bottle of soda. 

Obviously, water is essential. And to a point, the more you drink, the healthier you are. More energy. Smooth digestion. A way to manage your weight. And even manage back pain (it’s true!),

And a refillable bottle is far more economical and better for the environment than a disposable one. Airports have “filling stations” (past security) and even restaurants will give you a “fill up” if you ask nicely. 

Plus, having water on hand if you’re in the great outdoors isn’t just a convenience. It’s a safety issue, especially once things get warmer. 

Better to have it and not need it than the other way around. 

So, if you’re part of the “BYOB crew,” congrats. Just be careful where you fill-up.

That babbling brook could be teeming with bacteria, microbes and other things that can make you ill, no matter how crisp and clean it looks. 

And let me ask you this. How often are you cleaning the bottle itself? 

Most people don’t bother. Big mistake. There are any number of ways bacteria can get in there, and in a wet environment, bad things can happen. 

When I can, I fill up at home with filtered water. And when I can’t, I use this, which helps beat back bacteria and – get this – doubles as a lantern or reading light. 

Which can come in handy, whether you’re in a tent or just a dimly lit room. 

Can your water bottle do that?

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