The “Big 3” of preparedness

To live in Florida means always being on your toes.

No, I don’t mean looking out for “Florida Man.”

What I mean is knowing in the back of your mind that hurricanes do come. And when they do, it’s a test. 

To separate those that are prepared to face a crisis…

And those that aren’t.

But you don’t have to live down here to make preparedness a part of your healthy lifestyle. 

Because being unprepared for an emergency, be it a natural disaster, pandemic or some major disruption to our supply chain, will test your health in ways a “normal” day won’t. 

We don’t always have warning that a crisis is brewing like we often do with hurricanes. So, I’d suggest you take steps to be ready now – while it’s top of mind. 

That way, you don’t find yourself with the rest of your neighbors, scrambling to cope with the moment of truth at hand.

And there are 3 main places to start. 

#1. Food

Good times, bad times… no matter what, you’re going to need to eat. Having a stash of shelf-stable, easy-to-prepare and filling food is a must. You can’t rely on a dash to the grocery store if things get hairy. 

It’s hard enough to find what you want when we’re not in crisis mode. (Though when the snowbirds arrive down here, it’s always “crisis mode,” or so it seems in the grocery store parking lot. 

#2. Water

To drink. To cook with. To keep you alive. Water is something we often take for granted. But if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t always rely on the tap in our houses running strong. Or even if the water coming out is healthy to begin with. 

I recommend filtering your water regularly anyway, but in an emergency, it could be the difference between comfort and safety… or fighting the mobs for a handout of bottles off the back of a truck.

#3. Power

Another thing we take for granted, and it doesn’t take more than a 10-minute interruption to remind us how much we rely on it. Without power, we lose control of communications, entertainment, safety, security and so much more. Having a reliable, portable, and safe backup power supply is key to preparedness.

And often the dividing line between those that shrug off a crisis, and those that feel the pain of it the worst. 

Take stock of where you are right now. Do you have a plan in place to address these “big 3” areas of preparedness? 

If you don’t, I encourage you to start working on that as soon as possible.

Because none of us can predict the future. And I want your future to be secure, healthy, and safe.

Whether you do a little at a time or hit the big 3 all at once is a personal decision. 

But doing nothing is not an option. Not a good one, anyway.

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