Is This Causing Your Breath To Stink?

Wearing face masks have become common over the last few months as we've worked to slow the spread of COVID-19.

And while they've been doing a good job helping protect us – and those around us – from the virus, wearing masks have led some folks to a rather startling discovery.

Their breath stinks.

There are multiple causes of stinky breath.

Of course, what you last ate or drank could be to blame.

Eggs, onions, garlic, and coffee are some of the worst offenders.

You see these foods – and many others – release sulfides when consumed.

And get this – these sulfides can hang around in your bloodstream up to 72 hours.

So even if you pop a stick of gum in your mouth after a particularly garlicky meal, your breath may still expel those sulfides 3 days later.

You can fight sulfides by drinking water and eating foods that stimulate the production of saliva.

Crunchy foods like celery, apples and carrots are great options because they help sweep away the smelly offenders.

A diet high in sugar can also result in rank breath.

Bacteria love sugar. They thrive in it.

And all that bacteria can leave your breath smelling foul.

Cut back on the sweets, particularly gummy candy and caramels, that have a tendency to stick to the teeth where they can attract bacteria.

Some medications cause bad breath because they dry out the mouth.

Drugs with anticholinergic are particularly well-known to cause dry mouth because they block acetylcholine, a key molecule that helps "turn on" your salivary glands.

If you take meds with anticholinergic, talk to your doctor about alternatives.

Folks with allergies and sinus issues are more likely to have foul breath because stuffy noses often result in mouth breathing that can dry the mouth and reduce saliva.

Also, all the gunk in postnasal drip can get stuck in the back of your tongue, in places too far for a toothbrush to reach.

Specially designed tongue scrapers and rinsing with a mouthwash can help clear the gunk away.

Poor dental hygiene is a major contributor to bad breath.

When you don't brush and floss regularly, food can get trapped between teeth and in your gums where bacteria move in to break it down, leaving stank gases behind.

Want to get an "inside" peek on how you're doing with your dental care?

Floss your teeth and then smell the thread.

If it stinks, so does your breath, so you may need to spend some extra time with your toothbrush and floss.

No matter what the cause, bad breath can be downright embarrassing.

We won't be wearing masks forever.

It's just a matter of time before that foul breath is unleashed on unsuspecting family and friends.

Do all you can to reduce your risk of developing bad breath by practicing good dental hygiene, addressing sinus and allergies issues, and taking a good look at your meds.

And, lay off the gummy bears.

Stay safe out there.

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Edwa4f - July 31, 2020

Just thinking,, Sunday is when we celebrate Indepence Day…
Makes me think of my own Day of Indepence when I asked Jesus into my heart, and things have been great .some not so great but nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade a day for a ANYTHING!!
God is Faithful…trust Him!!!

Gary Fahler - July 31, 2020

I don’t and never will wear a face mask. They do nothing to stop covid-19, but they are a huge deterrent for good health. If someone wants to wear one, fine, then their mask should be sufficient. The doctors are telling you that it isn’t an airborne disease, so why the mask. The CDC says masks are useless, ?

Jim - July 31, 2020

Mask do no work. Do you wear them when you got the flu. Colds pigflu???
No! Let’s the v19 runs its course. Plus the real bad lies you all SPREADING is worse than the v19! Democrats , Bill Gates foundation is a political scam!!!
Let U.S. make our own choices.
Them Democraps had this all planned for year , but KILLORY CUNTTON could not win ! Plus with kid trafficking for sex!!

karen - July 31, 2020

Dear patriot

I do not want to wear a face mask period. There are plenty of scientist and doctors who are trying to warn the public of the dangers of wearing face masks. However, these scientists are being censored on the mainstream news and we constantly bombarded with on one narrative over and over again.

In a free and open society we should be able to hear both sides of an argument, not be subjected to just one side and led to believe that there are no other points of view. As a patriot we should know about the dangers of masks and we should have this spoken about on the news and not be led to believe that breathing in our own carbon dioxide is ok.
These are legitimate sources revealing misinformation we are given on the mainstream news.
High wire. Doctor on mask mask


karen stoute

Clifford Smith - July 31, 2020

Look you say all these thing,way should I tust you. You could be don’t,care and just want my money and really don’t care about your customer,s life’s.. money so you can make next mouth pay roll. If you care find a mask,s that can be use over and over most mask mess with your eye,s. And doc say we sould wear them that long . It,s true ya know.. we can get sick over time. The chemicals in the pad filter smell,s. Show use you care about American. Mack a new mask that we can use again and again. In pack,s of 12 rewashabule.
I’ll buy. Let me know

Joyce - July 31, 2020

Hi Jeff!
I have been seeing and hearing so much about the BAD effects of wearing masks, and how they will contribute to our immune systems getting weaker and weaker. that I was wondering what you think or know to be the real truth?!
Thanks for any advice,

Laura - July 31, 2020

Re: wearing a mask. You did not mention the ill effects of breathing in your own carbon dioxide, especially for older people and those with breathing problems. I prefer fresh air with oxygen.

Brenda GRiner - July 31, 2020

Thank you for sharing 4 Patriots!!
I was always taught good hygiene
by my parents. “My mom always said, if you run from things in the world, it will come back and you will catch whatever it may be..”
So, I live my life the way I was raised.
Brenda Griner

Kristi Mills - July 31, 2020

Hey realy enjoyed your piece on skank breath lmao. Keep it up my friend. Have a blessed 4th of July

Ruth Moore - July 31, 2020

I pray that this is over before our children are back in school I can’t wrap this around my mind of them wearing a mask all day.
Let’s stand in prayer that our Nation and Nations around the World is working on a sustainable plan just in case. Hallelujah JUST IN CASE BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL

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