Sunday Thoughts (we’re changed now)

Change of course is constant. And we're always evolving, growing.

But few of us have seen so much change, so quickly, all at once.

As we emerge from our cocoons and start to approach what feels a little more normal, many people are realizing they're not the same as they were when this whole thing started.

We've been forced to make many changes, and quite a few we didn't want to. But if you're like me, maybe some of the changes don't feel so bad.

Or they've shined a bright light on what's really important, or things you once took for granted.

And these changes might not be things you'll want to leave behind.

Like taking the time to slow down, and putting a little less pressure on yourself.

It's easy to throw away the "to do" lists and the constant drive to rush through life when you're forced to cool it. If you have no choice in the matter.

But maybe every waking moment of your life doesn't need to be filled with some commitment.

Maybe making the time to read a book, or have a conversation, or just reflect is worth it even when there are other alternatives?

Karen and I have been creative about staying connected to friends and family. There are some folks I've spoken to in the last month that I hadn't reached out to in years. And every time I hung up the phone, I wondered what had taken me so long to do that before?

Hopefully it won't be years before I do it again.

When all the restaurants were closed, we were forced to get reacquainted with our kitchens. And that, my friend, is a very good thing for your health and longevity.

I had a mentor in the health field once who told me that no food, no burger or fries or pizza, is really off-limits if you commit to make it yourself.

Because anything you actually make from scratch is lightyears healthier than what you'd get somewhere else. But it hasn't been all homemade pizzas. I've broken out cookbooks and cooked with leeks, kale, fennel, mangos and all sorts of stuff I've rarely worked with before.

Not everything was perfect. But nearly everything was delicious.

Plus, when walking or running is about the only thing that keeps you from going stir crazy, daily exercise becomes something to look forward to, not an "obligation." I hope more people have come to feel this way too.

And the world has woken up to something I've long tried to do where possible, and that's working from home. Not everyone has the luxury of doing this, as so many essential workers have shown us. But for those of us who do, you can be so much more productive, relaxed and focused in a home work space.

I do miss my colleagues at home base in Tennessee. But it's not like I don't see them. We're on video calls nearly every single day. And during these calls I've been able to see their families, their pets, their homes and a new window into their lives.

I'll be happy to see them again in person. But I think I'll miss seeing their cats run across the screen, or their kids pop in to wave hello.

Think about how your life has changed. And what you might want to hold onto for good.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and be safe.

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Arthur Peters - July 31, 2020

I really liked your Sunday message this week. They are all interesting, but this week left me with a warm feeling..

DENISE - July 31, 2020

We have been duped the so called experts base on science have know idea what they are doing.

Kimberley - July 31, 2020

I just wanted to send you a quick Thumbs Up & thanks for your uplifting emails. Always helpful. Be well

Nick Johnson - July 31, 2020

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jeff.
I enjoyed them.

Garry - July 31, 2020

Maybe you have chance, but our family has not, except for the stupid masks we have to wear at work! If we would have done like Sweden or any other flu year and just left it go and run it’s course, we would have been back to normal before now! But no, the powers to be don’t want it to go back and by pushing all these so called safe practices on to the population thus they have only guaranteed it to stay, which is precisely what they want so they can force everyone to take their God forsaken vaccine that they come up with!
I can fight that virus by keeping my immune system in good order, but I can’t fight a vaccine loaded with toxins shot directly into my blood stream and they know that! And people like you and others in your field make good PR agents to keep the conservative population scared and afraid of their own shadows, let alone someone not wearing an mask and walking closer than 6 feet of them!
Keep up the good work, Jeff, the powers to be love you.

Joy - July 31, 2020

Mr. Raegan, your Sunday Thoughts were right on target this morning! And, said so very well. My sentiments, exactly. Thanks for sharing! Especially the part about pets in the background or jumping in laps, and children waving hello during video connections. These same things are happening during our weekly Bible Study we are fortunate to be able to continue through Zoom. I also am able to connect at least once a week with all my children and grandchildren and see and talk to them at the same time more now than in the past. We are in four different towns! Every day I look for a positive something to come from this otherwise horrific pandemic. God bless you!

Stephen J. Hiller - July 31, 2020

OOPS -got that title wrong – the “Tyranny” was a book related to Brother Lawrence’s. His is actually The Practice Of The Presence Of God.

Stephen J. Hiller - July 31, 2020

Many years ago ( like back in the 1500s ) Brother Lawrence wrote a little book called The Tyranny Of The Urgent. I highly recommend this, and it sure puts your message here in the right perspective.

Betty Metcalf - July 31, 2020

Love this article! The quarantine has certainly shown me how ‘busy’ I had been even though I’m retired. I’m reevaluating my time and my priorities! Thank you!

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