Re-Closings Follow Re-Openings as COVID-19 Cases Surge

Many healthcare officials saw it coming. They predicted that reopening the country would result in a surge of new COVID-19 cases.

And that's exactly what we've seen. Especially in states such as Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. So much for hot weather killing the virus.

By the time you read this, there will be more than 3 million confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. That's about 25 percent of the world's cases. Despite having less than 5 percent of the world's population.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the actual number of cases might be 10 times higher in some areas.

But what's the alternative to reopening? The economy took a big hit with closures. And unemployment numbers skyrocketed. Getting back to business is the only way to keep companies afloat and Americans employed.

Arizona Opens 'Way Too Early'

The happy medium – if there is such a thing during a pandemic – is reopening slowly and carefully.

Here's what Harris County, Texas government head Lina Hidalgo said. "If we had stayed shut down for longer and opened more slowly, we would probably be in a more sustainable place in our economy."

Phoenix, Arizona Mayor Kate Gallego said her state opened "way too early." Miami, Florida Mayor Francis Suarez said this. "There's no doubt that when we reopened, people started socializing as if the virus didn't exist."

But even some states that tried opening slowly are now backtracking. A surge of new cases has convinced them to cut back on business hours or services.

32 States See Infections Rise

In 32 states, infection rates were higher last week than the previous week. Including Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Plus Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin. Some states are breaking new case records almost daily.

Only four states have seen recent decreases in cases. They are Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. And a White House coronavirus task force member.

He was asked recently what a second wave of the coronavirus might look like. He responded that the better question is how are we going to deal with this first wave.

Health Officials Urge Compliance

"We are still knee-deep in the first wave of this," Fauci said. "I would say, this (COVID-19 resurgence) would not be considered a wave.

"It was a surge, or a resurgence of infections superimposed upon a baseline... that really never got down to where we wanted to go."

He added that public health efforts and economic openings are not "opposing forces." He said, "We should use the public health effort as a vehicle and a pathway to get to safe reopening."

Fauci and other health officials have urged the public to maintain social distancing. And exercise other safety precautions.

'We Are in Free Fall'

But crowded beaches over the July Fourth weekend is an indication many people are not taking those warnings seriously.

The recent surge is leading to a shortage of hospital beds in a number of states.

Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler said the city's hospitals could be overrun before the end of July if the trajectory doesn't change. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said his city was facing shortages of hospital staff. And ICU beds.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky is chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital. She said, "We are in free fall. People are either naïve to the influence of their actions or they're simply resigned to ignore it."

Do the Right Things

Most healthcare officials say America can get through this. But only if Americans do the right things.

That includes wearing facemasks in public and practicing social distancing. As well as avoiding crowded indoor spaces. And engaging in frequent hand washing.

"We just need all of the people in America to... do the right thing." So says Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.

"All of those simple and straightforward things that I know you're tired of. But the virus is still out there… All of us (need) to keep this from getting any worse."

Test Results Taking Longer

Another negative effect of the resurgence is the testing turnaround time.

Previously, one could expect a COVID-19 test result in two to four days.

With more people now being tested, it's often a week or more. Those additional days "in limbo" give people more time to infect others.

People should quarantine themselves between exposure and a negative test result. Especially because the percentage of positive tests is rising.

But in most cases, that's not happening. Many people assume their test result will be negative. So they go about their business.

Schools Will Look Different

A problem we'll hear more about in the coming weeks is schools reopening. An emergency order in Florida requires all brick and mortar schools to reopen full time in August.

The order followed a tweet from President Donald Trump saying, "Schools must open in the fall!"

Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said this. "There is a need to open schools fully to ensure the quality and continuity of the educational process."

The CDC recommends staggered scheduling at schools. Plus modified seating layouts and the closing of common spaces.

I want to ask everyone reading this to please do whatever you can to stay safe. We'll get through this, but it's going to take a lot of effort.

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avanafil - April 27, 2021

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Patti - September 3, 2020

I have to agree with Jim H. Having a preparedness mindset you should be aware of the bs driving the plandemic lockdowns, masks and fear mongering. Are you afraid of censoeship? Then say less, but dont support the lies. Watch “The Charlie Kirk Show: 3 Doctors Speak Out — The Update You Have Been Waiting For” on YouTube

Sherrill Ison - July 31, 2020

My brother just moved to Alabama from Washington state. He’s horrified that people there don’t wear masks; they think it is all a hoax! He is a veteran with health needs but cannot go to the VA to get established, because they are swamped with covid19 patients.
I can’t understand not wearing masks. Why take a chance on dying, or taking it home to others. How unbelievably careless with others’ lives, even if they don’t value their own.

Theo M. Solomon - July 31, 2020

The greatest problem is that the CDC has been wrong on lots of decisions. Media has been wrong. People who were younger were less at risk to catch the CCP VIRUS. Now they are screaming shame on you, you did what we said. Wearing a mask really is not helping, it is a fake security if the mask is not proper and its fit, perfect. Then we ask why do people reject the information that NOW is being said. Are there more deaths???? NO!!! Are more in venterlators, NO!! The testing of younger people say that it is not as severe for these people and they come through this very well. The death rate, venterlator are the key facts that we need to know per state to stay safe.

Luke - July 31, 2020

Let Socialist Austin die a slow painful death.

Debbie - July 31, 2020

Quite frankly I’m a bit disappointed. This “plandemic” is not what the corrupt CDC is making it out to be. COVID-19 is a real virus however to treat it like the Black Plague, wearing masks, social distancing, closing schools, restaurants, business, etc is fool hardy in the least and a travesty to American freedoms. Our civil liberties are being taken away right and left and to think for one minute the government is only looking out for our health and safety is truly naive. Look deeper into the actions of the socialist Democratic Party calling the shots right now and stop believing the CDC. They are only advancing the socialist agenda. There are a myriad of doctors who think our forced response to the virus is ill advised on scientific and medical levels.
Thank you for letting me comment on this news letter’s articles. I don’t wear a mask in public because I’m not sick. Masks are for the sick not the healthy. Our bodies were designed to fight off such things as viruses, germs and bacteria that cause harm. And when and if we do get sick, we can recover because that is how God crested us. Yes, some people do get very sick and some even die. This too is the way of life. It happens every flu season. And until we as a nation stop murdering children in the womb and end sex trafficking of men, women and children our govt has no credibility when it comes to the health and safety of its citizens.

Rachel - July 31, 2020

Pandemic? What pandemic? I would say it is a #Plandemic. I’m surprised a “health” organization has drank so much of the Koolaid. What happened to “flatten the curve”? How did the focus turn into “cases”? Maybe, if you believe the accuracy of “testing” and reporting, we have increased “cases” but what does “cases” even mean? I’m sure everyone has heard by now of the papaya and goat testing positive in Tanzania. I’ve personally heard of two people that signed up for the “test” but then unable to actually complete the test and later told they tested positive. Unbelievable! This is a scam and we could barely call this an epidemic at this point. Please stop with the fear porn.

Kim - July 31, 2020

People with businesses are being responsible. It irritates me that all of the covid increases are blamed on businesses reopening and nothing is being mentioned about all the protests that didn’t follow ANY of the precautions! I think they are as much or more to blame for the increased cases.

Gregg Grobe - July 31, 2020

I watched a video last week of a doctor from Texas who claims to be having a 100 % success rate curing C-19 in patients when it is detected early. Here is the link to that video. Https// I believe this to be a legitimate interview.
The drug is Budesonide. Sold under the brand name Pulmicort, which is now generically available.
Please check it out and see if it is something for the 4 Patriots network.

SHaron PLotkin - July 31, 2020

They shouldn’t be opening the schools in August. If they could only leave them closed until our numbers are decreasing, that would be the right move. If it takes 2 more months or six months, we should keep the schools closed.

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