Is your dog’s food missing something?

Here in Florida, we’ve had Spring-like weather for some time now.

Hopefully in your neck of the woods, it’s starting to feel warmer, sunnier and inviting too.

And there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors, get some exercise for yourself, and generally have a great time, than enjoying the great weather with your dog.

My Ellie is always looking for an excuse to get out. To the beach. The park. The trails. Or even just a few laps around the neighborhood.

If your dog’s the same, now’s a good time to start thinking about how to get your dog some outdoor fun, and stay safe at the same time.

It’s always a good time to make sure your dog’s tags are updated, and the leash and collar aren’t worn, to prevent a “great escape.” 

I know Ellie will come when I call her, but if she were to break away and see a squirrel, rabbit or some other thing to chase, she may have other ideas.

Better safe than sorry. She’s “chipped” too, so if she did get lost, the authorities could find out where she belongs. 

Her flea and tick prevention plan is always up to date, as well as regular checks for worms, especially important as we head into Spring. 

And whenever I go out, especially if it’s for a real adventure, I always remember to bring a few essential items:

    1. First aid – most human first aid kits will work here, but it’s best to find some self-cling bandages, which stick to themselves and not their fur.
    2. Water – a collapsible water bowl is always good to bring. Remember, dogs need water to keep from overheating. And speaking of which…
    3. Shade – if I bring Ellie to the beach, I try to bring at least a small umbrella, so she can cool off in some shade. You may think that dogs can’t get sunburned, but they actually can. Or you can situate yourself for a rest by a tree, if you’re out on the trails together.
    4. Toys – Now I’m not opposed to my dog playing with a stick. And Ellie has been known to carry around a coconut for a while if she finds one she can pick up. But a fresh supply of tennis balls or a toy that floats are great ways to dust off your fetch game, and keep your dog engaged.
    5. A pocket full of bags – I don’t want to play “poop police” with y’all. But if you’re going to take your dog out and about, make sure they don’t leave presents for those who come along behind you. It’s only polite.

It’s been said that a dog is the only thing in this world that loves you more than he loves himself. And I believe that’s true.

So if it’s nice out, share your love of the outdoors with your dog. It’ll do you both a world of good.

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DARREL MESTETH - May 6, 2021

People do not know the meaning of solitude, people are to dependent on cellphones.
For some a c-phone is a status symbol of how important they are. For some the c-phone is their solitude.
Solitude for me is living in the country on my land, I dont have tv, I do have a radio, but solitude for me is sitting in my special place along side my gurgling creek drinking hot tea or coffee, maybe catch up on messages.
Somewhere in this world there is a normal woman who might want to share my solitude, a woman whose face isnt glued to a c-phone, who can sit and verbally communicate with me, and whose face isnt covered by a mask.
I am the last of my brothers and sisters, but I have many nephews and neices, In my culture Im the last grandpa they have so the grandkids call me but like I said I have call waiting now they have to come see me, I tell them see how easy that was now you can put your c-phone away for awhile and we can sit and talk.
I think face to face verbal communication (without a mask) is a dying art. Thank you.

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