Tired? Eat this.

Your body is like an engine. And if yours is sputtering, or sluggish, or doesn’t respond when you push on the gas… it could be your fuel.

What you eat has a major impact on the energy you can produce. How long it lasts. And how you feel as a result.

If you’re getting enough sleep, a few tweaks can make a difference. 

If you’re not (and there’s no time for a nap), making the right breakfast or snack choice could help you power through until evening. 

When you wake in the morning, your tank is empty. Filling it wisely is critical to having sustained energy into the afternoon. 

People are often confused about what to eat for breakfast, and three good energy choices are bananas, oatmeal and eggs. 

The simple banana may be one of the best energy foods around. And it comes with its own wrapper, so if you’re pressed for time and need a grab & go choice, this is a good one. 

There’s often confusion from readers about bananas and sugar. Bananas have carbs, that’s true. But they’re filled with complex carbs which digest slowly, and they also pack potassium and B6, great energy boosters too. 

I often choose between eggs or oatmeal, if I’m not having a smoothie (which often includes a frozen banana). Eggs are packed with protein, which provide steady energy. But the amino acids in eggs are also important. 

Leucine helps your cells stimulate energy production, and eggs have a lot of it. 

Oatmeal digests slowly, which allows for the energy it provides to sustain you for hours. The beta glucan in oatmeal becomes a gel, which delays stomach emptying. 

This not only keeps you feeling full, it releases energy over a longer period. So you get fuel without a “spike and crash” effect. 

When it comes to snacks, two go-to’s I recommend are apples and hummus. And they might be good together, though I’ve never tried the combo.

I eat an apple a day, at least. They are filled with fiber which provides a sustained energy release. Not to mention, they’re brimming with antioxidants, which also may slow the digestion of carbs. So be sure to eat the peel too. 

Hummus has both complex carbs and healthy fats. Together, this can help prevent blood sugar spikes, so you don’t get sluggish. 

Green leafy veggies are often part of lunch, or even smoothies too. In addition to the energy producing vitamin content, they also give you iron. If you’re low on iron, you often feel fatigued.

Finally, there’s a food that’s perfect for stamina and energy production. And I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them.

I love what they can do for me. And I hate the taste. 

I’m talking about beets. 

I eat them sometimes. But I use them often, in lozenge form. Which may seem like cheating, but in this case, a good tasting short-cut is far better.

Because I’d rather be tired than eat them, most days.

If you want more energy (and most of us do), try working some of these foods into your routine. And keep track of how you feel. 

You really do have to power to boost your energy. And often, it starts with what you put in your mouth.

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