Support Your Local Farmers Markets

One of my most favorite things to do on the weekend is visiting my local farmers market.

Tables overflowing with the current season’s harvest.

Fresh meat, eggs... and wildflowers in vibrant colors.

The visuals aside, there are some real perks to shopping at your local farmers market.

For one, you’re bound to find more variety than you would at your supermarket.

Traditional stores will typically carry a few types of apples and plain ol’ orange carrots.

But the farmers market?

On a recent (safe & socially distant) visit I discovered 4 types of carrots in colors ranging from purple to white and at least 7 different varieties of apples.

There’s really no better place to find fresh and unique foods than a farmers market.

Need another reason to visit?

The food is usually fresher.

There’s no long-distance shipping across the country.

No chemicals added to speed up the ripening process.

And the food hasn’t been sitting around on storage shelves waiting to be put on display.

This food is straight from the farm and you couldn’t get fresher than that unless you grew it yourself.

Also, farmers market produce is minimally processed, often grown without pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

And the meat, eggs and cheese come from animals that are more humanely treated than those that come from the larger, mass producing agriculture groups.

That means the animals are usually grass-fed and not crammed into small cages.

But perhaps what I like best about getting food from the farmers market is you know where your food came from.

You get to meet the farmers and talk about how their food is produced.

Growing up on a farm, I feel a real kinship to folks that have made farming their passion.

With the pandemic and economy struggling right now, many local farms are hurting.

And they could really use your support.

Make a plan to visit a local market near you.

Fall a great time to pick up some apples and pumpkins, or try something new. (And don’t forget the cider!)

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Christopher - October 14, 2020

Thanks for the tips. I’m going to find my local farmer’s market and see what I can find. 👍🏾

Morning Sun Yellow Pony - October 14, 2020

Hi Jeff,
They’re called Kaleidoscope carrots and are actually the original carrot. Someone had the brilliant idea that they should all look alike and be orange. So that person created the hybrid carrot that most folks know today.
I live in Montana and wild carrots are abundant here from spring through most of the summer. Some tribes call them “Yompum”. You have to dig deep to get to the carrot and they are all white. Pair them with the wild onions and Garlic and you have a wonderful saute blend.

Mary - October 14, 2020

I do but all my meat from one of our meat markets in swanton ohio. Love there meats .

Marsha Allison - October 14, 2020

It was very nice to get an email with interesting and helpful information about fresh food and farmer’s markets rather than another pitch to sell me something. Thank you.

Paul Burkley - October 14, 2020

I go to Local Markets in Maryland as much as possible. And if I go out of state I always stop and get fresh fruits and vegetables.My Uncle was a Tabasco Farmer in Maryland when I was young .He no longer farms Tabaco..These farmers put in HARD WORK and work from sun up to sundown,and very hard labor. Local Produce is THE BEST !!!

Robert J LYnn - October 14, 2020

Great idea on farmers market. Going to our local farmers market! Thanks.

JV - October 14, 2020

Better yet, homegrown carrots, produce and fruit (duh!) Feel the soil and the seasonal changes.

Desarie Brown - October 14, 2020

Thank you for support small farming/ranching families like mine. We work two farmers markets in Texas and love sharing our passion for healthy animals and healthy food with our community.

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