Traveling safely this Spring during a Pandemic

If you’re itching to get out of your bubble and take to the road, I get it. 

You’re certainly not alone. 

Frankly, as great as Florida can be sometimes, with easy access to the beach and sometimes perfect weather, even I’m looking for a change of scenery.

So if you’re considering a trip in the not too distant future, you should figure out how to do that as safely as possible. 

Especially as vaccinations are becoming more of a reality for so many of us.

If you’ve been fully vaccinated and you want to visit family, or just get out of your own backyard, it’s reasonable to think about. 

Just plan on about 2 weeks past the second dose as you look at the calendar.

Because even if you’ve been vaccinated, the risk isn’t zero. You still want to reduce risks as much as possible. 

For yourself, and the people you’re around.

When it comes to travel, a car is a lower risk, considering you’re not cooped up with a hundred other people, and standing around with hundreds more in the airport, rental car bus, or other places along the way.

Be sure to avoid touching things, or clean surfaces you have to touch. Wash your hands often. Keep yourself from touching your face, eyes and mouth. 

And eat and drink away from people if you can. 

Because you raise your risk every time you’re surrounded by people with no mask.

It’s best to stay with the people you came with. This is not a time for a giant family reunion. (That time will come soon enough, but it isn’t here yet.)

Look, it is possible to travel safely, if you take precautions and don’t let your guard down. 

And a change of scenery might be just what you need to get out of a funk, or help you deal with what has been a year-plus of stress, anxiety and frustration. 

Just be careful out there!

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Dianna - August 9, 2021

Covid is not a political issue, as some are making it. It doesn’t discriminate. It’s a matter of saving someone’s life or your own. Just as polio occurred during President Roosevelt’s time, vaccination was mandated to save American’s lives. He developed polio and was wheelchair bound. Just as our children take DTAP vaccinations, it’s to save your life or someone in your family from death or a debilitating condition. Even our former President took the vaccination.

Kim - April 26, 2021

Thank you Patriot Health Alliance. I enjoy your articles. Thank you for this post. I agree with the above post that there is a flip/flop of the narrative. I am also frustrated by the lack of consistent information from the head medical person (expert loosely used). I know mask mandates seem to be a problem for some. Yet, let me tell you of a young woman, beautiful, funny, wife, mother of 3 lovely young kiddos, 38, healthy, not over-weight, with some asthma (my daughter). She got COVID early on at the end of Feb 2020, before mask mandates. 4 months after getting the virus, she started having difficulty and now has now been unable to live a normal life due to the long-term affects of the virus. She has something called COVID long-haulers. I do understand those that feel that mask mandates are a problem, yet consider this, that you are helping to protect those like-minded individuals that are suffering due to the virus. I can appreciate that masks don’t feel right, but after this experience, I would think that as we work together to try to curb the spread of this awful virus, we help each other. If we each do our part, we are helping those around us. We are like minded people just wanting to spend time together. Unfortunately, COVID is real, and is very real for our family, and my daughter who cannot walk across the room, because she struggles to breathe, and high heart rate. She has been to the doctor at least 2 times a week in the past few months. She has neuropathy in parts of her body, where she had none before. We are conservatives, but do see the ramifications of getting COVID. Let’s help protect each other and everyone by wearing a mask. The mask is not for just for yourself, but for others. Thanks for listening.

DARREL MESTETH - April 11, 2021

I never thought that this organization would fall head over heels with the false narratives that have kept so many people living in fear.
This flip flopping narrative of masks that are supposedly keeping people safe from a virus that is so miniscule that hundreds, even thousands can fit through the very fibers of these masks.
I feel its an attack against me, against those of us who dont wear masks, I feel we nonmaskers are discriminated against with the not so blatant accusations of being infected and are carriers of this SARS2 flu virus.

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