The Silent Health Threat No One is Talking About

Did you know there's a silent health threat that no one is talking about? It's not fried food. It's not a virus. It's not even smoking cigarettes.

It's sitting. Something you're probably doing right now. Believe it or not, sitting for a prolonged period of time can do rough things to our health.

This may sound a little crazy, but it's true. And it starts to make more sense when you think about how we were intended to live and move. Even the World Health Organization is warning folks about it. They say sitting is a critical risk factor for chronic disease and premature death. Yikes.

So I've found 3 simple ways you can fight back against the risks. You can do these even if you're stuck sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. Hopefully, these can help you as much as they help me.

The first is the most obvious: get up and walk around. Even if it's only a few minutes every hour. Movement is important for your circulation and health. It can be as simple as getting up to use the bathroom. Or walking to get a cup of coffee. 

Second, you should try some core exercise. If you aren't working out, consider adding some sort of exercise to your daily routine. It helps keep the blood flowing healthily in your body. And if you do exercise, make sure to get some core workouts in every now and then. I recommend holding a plank for a minute or 2. It's great for your lower back and hips. Plus, it won't cause as much of a sweat as some other exercises.

And finally, you can use compression. This can be as easy as putting on your socks. Tools like compression socks can help with long-term sitting. That's because the compression applies consistent pressure to your lower legs. This helps blood flow stay strong and can prevent clotting or pooling.

It doesn't have to only be socks though. For example, we offer a Rejuvenation Compression Leg Massager. So you get all the benefits of compression… combined with a relaxing massage. It uses airbags that inflate to gently massage your legs.

We can't avoid sitting altogether. But with a couple of easy changes, we can reduce the impact of long-term sitting.

I know me and my wife are taking a walk together today… and we might just indulge in a leg massage after.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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