11 Massage Peanut Exercises

Have you ever had a professional massage?

I'm not talking about a spa day.

I'm talking about massage pros who use their palms and elbows to release your deep tissue.

It may be uncomfortable, but it can really help transform your health and flexibility.

Of course, there is just 1 issue with all this — the cost.

Those professional massage therapists are not cheap. However, you can still get the same benefits as those pricey massages without the expensive bill.

They're called massage balls or massage peanuts. And they'll give you that same deep tissue massage, and benefits, all from the comfort of your own home. And at a fraction of the price. 

Here are 11 of the best massages I found online that you can do with your massage peanut:

Start with the massage ball under the arch of your foot. Roll back and forth while pushing into the ground with enough pressure to provide yourself with immediate relief from tight arches. 

Calf Pain
Sit on the ground. Stretch out the leg you want to work on. Then place the massage ball underneath the calf you want to work at the top near the knee. Put both hands behind you on the floor to brace your body. Move your leg back & forth so the massage peanut moves up and down your calf muscle. 

Put the massage peanut at the top of your hamstring muscles. Place your hands on the floor behind you, keeping your elbows straight. Lift off the ground and roll your leg side to side on the massage peanut. 

Lie down on your stomach while supporting yourself on your elbows, similar to a plank position. Place the massage peanut under your thigh… Then push with your toes forward and backward, rolling the peanut into the target areas.

Hip Release
Lie on the side that's experiencing tightness, and then place your forearm on the ground while extending your leg. Place the massage peanut under your hip then move your hips around to release the tension in the tight areas.

Glute Pain
Put the massage peanut under your glute. Push off the ground with your hands and roll around until you find the sore spot and keep this position until you massage away the pain.

Back Pain
Place the peanut vertically under your lower back. Then, roll side to side while breathing deeply.

Shoulder Relief
Stand with your back against the wall. Place the massage peanut between the stressed area and the wall. Push back into the wall using the pressure to release the pain. 

Lie down on the ground and put the peanut behind your neck to the left of your spine, below your skull. Then, roll your head side to side making sure to avoid direct contact with your bones.

Place the peanut on a table then put your forearm over the ball. Press down with your forearm while rolling the ball from below your elbow to your wrist.

Stand facing the wall and place the massage ball on your upper chest. Press into the wall massaging your chest to release the pec major.

As you can see, this type of trigger point massage therapy can really help to release those tight areas in your muscles. And help you relieve pain while also improving your mobility. 

And all you need is a tiny little peanut massage.

Here's to feeling better.

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