3 things I take camping

Summer is around the corner. Good. I’m ready to hit the trails. I need some time away from home after the last 2 years. With that being said, I get a lot of messages from folks about what I pack for camping trips.

So, I wanted to share with you the 3 most important things I pack. I’m going to do this in “countdown” style. Starting with #3. So keep reading for the “big unveil” at the end.


Here’s number #3. Now, this one seems to come out of left field for some folks. They think I’m going to say vitamins or something. That stuff is important. No doubt. But remember, this is my 3 most important things list. I used to know a guy that would camp out near the everglades. He would boast that he only took a sleeping bag. 

Not sure that’s anything to be proud about. It gets pitch black out there. And you hear things that you couldn’t imagine. 

So I don’t know about you, but I want light. I want light to see my surroundings, I want light to see inside my tent, and I want light to lead the way if we need to move. You catch my drift? It seems obvious to me. But light has always been in my top 3. 


When the water in my bottle runs out… I turn to my personal filter. That’s the second thing I always pack. I use a simple, little filter straw. This way I can purify creek or lake water if I need to. And it won't take up a ton of space in my backpack. 1 little straw can filter hundreds of gallons. That’s a huge drinking supply for 1 person. And that’s why it really eases my mind to know it’s in my pack. Plus, they are super simple to use. They call ‘em “straws” for a reason. If you can use a normal straw you can use this life-saving device with no problem. 


Now for my number 1 most important thing. My buddy Frank has helped drill this into my head over the years. And what is that? Well, it’s that you won’t last very long without water. So that’s the first & most important thing I pack. A simple water bottle or thermos. Yup, that’s it.

“Jeff, Jeff, Jeff! Really? What about fun stuff?” I get that a lot. Look, I'm not saying I only take water. Depending on where I go… I’ll take my four-wheeler. (Yes, I still ride. Just not very fast.) I guess what I’m trying to say is… things can go wrong. That’s life. Plus, if you want to truly relax and have fun… you need to have your bases covered. And the peace of mind that comes from having backup water is worth it. Trust me.

That’s why I don’t want to be without water… anywhere, anytime. Period. If you’re serious about your health, then you know your water supply is key.

Now depending on your storage… your pack may be looking a little “full.” But I know a way to save some space in your backpack. Because there's 1 product that does everything we talked about above. And it fits in your pocket too. If you love camping like I do… you should check it out here. In fact, I’m going to swap my whole list out with this 1 product. It’s a game-changer. Or should I say “camp-changer?”

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