7 Types of Normal Memory Problems

This is not surprising…

But I’m getting older.

(We all are.)

So every once in a while I forget something.

My keys, the grocery list, and so on.

My wife will look at me concerned when I ask where stuff is.

But here’s the truth: Memory loss is normal.

In fact, some “forgetfulness” is now considered to be a sign of a healthy brain.

That’s right. The brain decides certain information just isn’t important — and dumps it.

So let me ease your mind a little bit. And share with you 7 types of normal memory problems.


This is exactly what I talked about above. With memory, you either use it or lose it. If there’s something that you don’t have to remember all the time — your brain will “delete” it to make room for new & more important information.


We all suffer from this one. But it’s simple. You’re distracted. These days we have way too much going on. You forgot where you placed your keys because you were thinking about something else, or someone called you, or you realized you forgot something at the store. 


This is the good old fashioned “cat got your tongue?” For example, when you try to recall someone’s name, but you can’t. So your brain grabs a similar name… and then that name is stuck in your head. The wrong name ends up “blocking” your memory from grabbing the right one. It happens to everyone, but scientists do think it’s more common as we age.


This happens to me all the time. Misattribution happens when you remember something right, but you get the details wrong, like the time, place, or person. 

This also happens when you think you have an original idea… but then realize that your idea came from something you read or watched years ago. This is the type of memory issue that explains unintentional plagiarism.


This one is amazing. Basically what happens is this… you learn facts about an event after you experience it. Those facts are then incorporated into your personal memory. Even if you didn’t experience those facts first hand. Bit of a “sleight of hand” by your brain.


All memories are filtered through your personal biases — even your mood. So when you go to retrieve a memory these things change the information that you recall. To date, this is not considered to be an age-related issue.


Some things we wish we could forget. Sometimes when we remember something troubling… we remember them perfectly. Other times, our memory gives us a “negative distortion” of what really happened. So not all memories (about bad things) can be trusted.

So as you can see. The brain can play all sorts of tricks on you and your memory. The key is to realize that these are issues we all experience — no matter your age.

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Laurie La BONTE - May 31, 2022

Thank you. Really interesting .
I’m not getting alheimers after all. 😃😃
It is true. I remember important things. At 84 I just blame it on overload.
Have a good day.

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