8 Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot Massages. We all know how relaxing they can be. After a long day — they’re hard to beat.  

Trust me, I get it. I still spend most days on my feet. My yard work here in Florida seems to never end.

But I started to notice that the days I massaged my feet at home… the better I felt the next day. It seemed strange to me at first. I thought maybe it was a coincidence. 

But I couldn’t kick the idea. (Excuse the pun.)

So I did some research.

And as it turns out… a foot massage has way more health benefits than you’d think. 

In fact, some of the benefits are essential for you to function at your best. 

So with that in mind…

Let me give you a quick rundown of the top 8 benefits you’ll get from a simple at-home foot massage. 

They’re going to blow your socks off. (Again, sorry about the puns.) 

  • Blood Circulation Support
  • This one is a bit obvious. A massage gets your blood moving. And it only takes 10 to 20 minutes of massaging everyday to really help improve blood flow in your feet & legs. All that blood pumping helps with inflammation & muscle soreness. And if you have diabetes, this one is very important to note. 

  • Better Sleep
  • This is my personal favorite. Nothing makes you feel better than a full night of sleep. And with a simple foot massage before bed… you can help yourself get a good night of rest. Just another reason to take all those “lil piggies” to the spa.

  • Quicker Foot Recovery
  • More blood means more nutrients. And that means faster recovery from foot injuries. And all those great nutrients flowing through your feet… means that your feet and ankles will be stronger too.

  • Reduces Edema
  • For any soon-to-be moms out there… this one's for you. Pregnancy tends to cause swelling in the ankles and feet for some pregnant women. But staying hydrated & adding a daily foot massage helps to combat this.

  • Boost Energy
  • Some studies show that a regular foot massage can help you fight that “tired” feeling. And they can even help you concentrate better. Basically, when you improve circulation… you improve nerve function… which helps you get up and at ‘em. 

  • Improved Immunity
  • I love the science behind this one. It’s pretty simple really. You see, the more blood flow you have… the more white blood cell activity you have. That means your body gets the help it needs to fight infections and other diseases. Plus, a foot massage will also help reduce cortisol, that's the stress hormone. And stress tends to be a common factor for many health problems.

  • Improved Drive
  • We’re all adults here. So I’ll cut to the chase… the stress relief that comes from foot massages can help put you in the mood. Plus, with a daily foot massage, chances are you… you’ll just be in an overall better mood too. Which helps your drive too.

  •  Keep Your Feet Healthy
  • This was so obvious, but it often goes overlooked. Your regular foot massage lets you check your feet out on a daily basis. So you'll be able to spot things before they get worse. I’m talking about stuff like sores, calluses, cracked skin, and even ingrown toenails. 

    Well, I hope you found this all super helpful. I know I did when I was looking through it. I know my feet sure do.  Next time you get a chance… give those “tired paws” a little love.  They'll repay you in kind.

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    Elizabeth - April 22, 2022

    Appreciate the info & reminder on foot massages.

    Vivian E Alexander - April 21, 2022

    I love your info on health,i always find info i can use. Thanks

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