A nice reminder, because we all need one from time to time...

I don’t know when it became a “thing” to put up little signs in your house, especially in the kitchen.


Karen watches a lot of HGTV, and you see them everywhere. 


Bless this house.” “Love.” And the ever-popular sign in the kitchen: “Eat.”


Like we need a reminder.


But in my house, the kitchen sign is a little more direct. 


And a nice reminder, because we all need one from time to time:

no whining sign

Karen’s not too subtle. 


Admittedly, this is more a reminder for me and my kids than it is for Karen.


She tends to keep her head straight without too many taps on the shoulder. 


Sure, we all complain. It’s like nature’s pressure valve. And sometimes it helps to just let it all out.


But too often, it just perpetuates the problem, ups your stress level, and in the end, doesn’t change a gosh darn thing.


And ultimately, it’s bad for your health. 


Plus, it tends to become a cycle. Something happens and you complain. This gets you stressed, tired, frustrated. Your family starts acting annoyed.


And now you’ve got something new to complain about!


When I see this little sign in the kitchen each morning, it’s a gentle nudge to keep some perspective. 


Things are going to go wrong. People will disappoint. Life is not a straight, easy path most of the time.


But while we can’t always change what happens around us – or to us – we can reframe our way of reacting to it. Keep perspective. Focus on the things we can actually change. 


And recognize that whining is often a pointless exercise in annoying those around us, stressing us out, and a waste of time that’s better served doing something about whatever’s bothering us.


That sign travels with us from place to place, house to house, through life stages and years. 


And it never goes out of style, at least in my life.


But if I had one thing I could change (and I’m not complaining…) but I wish dogs like Ellie could read. 


Because she really can work up a good whine if she thinks we’ve forgotten it’s her dinner time. 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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Joanne - September 27, 2021

I really like that Idea, I think I am going to get a sign for my family too.
God bless,

Linda Nurse - September 27, 2021

“STOP WHINING”? Boy, do I need to be reminded of that lately! Thanks for sharing that. I’ve got to remember daily how blessed I am . At 85 I have my health, my 91 year old husband at home, all my family, and all my needs are met. Yep, I truly am blessed. I should have a sign that says: “You’re Blessed”! Blessings on you all!

Bob - September 27, 2021

Whining has to be one of my worst sins. It’s gotten me in more trouble than not. I could go on but, then, it would sound like I’m whining, lol!

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