Announcing 10 lucky winners for our Father's Day Sweepstakes.....


Our Ultimate Father's Day Sweepstakes has come to an end.

1 lucky person is going home with our Grand Prize… the lucky winner is…. Linda D.!

Congratulations! You’ve just won 4 Patriot Power Blenders, 4 Patriot Power UV Disinfecting Power Banks, 1 Vital Swing, and 1 Arctic Roller.

And 9 other lucky folks will also be getting a bonanza of gadgets as well.

Congratulations Marlene E., Kimberly Z., Karen L., and Patricia C.! You’ve just won 1 Patriot Power Blender, 1 Vital Swing, and 1 Arctic Roller.

But that's not all. Congrats to Chere B., William S., Michael T., Beverly H., and Valery S.! You're each taking home 1 Arctic Roller.

Congratulations to all our winners! Your prizes will be on the way soon. Thank you to everyone who participated!

God Bless,
Jeff Reagan

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