Bladder control? Start here

It hardly seems fair. 

If you’re dealing with bladder control concerns, they creep into your daily life and can start to rule your world. 

How comfortable you feel going out. Scouting for a bathroom in every restaurant, shopping mall or store. 

Even down to the clothes you feel “safe” wearing when you leave your house. 

Or worse – choosing not to leave as much at all.

If you’re being held prisoner to a bladder that won’t cooperate – urgency, leaks, a feeling that it’s never quite “empty,” I do have some tips for you. 

Things you can do now that can really make a difference. 

First off, and I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but if you’re a smoker, it’s time to quit.

You may not know that smoking is tied to bladder control issues. Anything that leads to coughing can weaken your pelvic floor. Each cough is more pressure, making leaks harder to control. 

Second, start to log your bladder issues in a diary, and also note what you’re eating and drinking. Certain foods and drinks (like your morning coffee) can be triggers, and understanding when and where you have the most concerns can help pinpoint issues – and help you avoid them.

Next, get moving. You may not associate being fit with bladder health, but they are closely related. Stronger muscles equal more control.

And dropping a few pounds will also relieve pressure on your bladder and pelvic floor.  

And lastly, make a point of talking to someone who understands. 

Bladder control problems can feel embarrassing. Lonesome. Sometimes, the best thing is to get these emotions out in the open. Talk to a close friend. Seek out an online message board. Just knowing there are others dealing with the same issues can help you feel less alone. 

And make it easier to take the right steps to gain control, once and for all. 

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