Ditch the plastic water bottles

A few years ago, I told you about a class-action lawsuit a group of consumers filed against Nestlé Waters North America, the distributors of Poland Spring Bottled Water.


The plaintiffs argued that Nestlé had consistently misled customers by labeling Poland Spring as “100% spring water” when instead, “not one drop” complied with what the FDA considers spring water. 


As expected, Nestlé tried to get the case dismissed, arguing that they’ve done nothing wrong. And they’ve been fighting this same case ever since. 


It’s been going on now for four long years


Would you expect anything less from a big business that draws 4.5 billion annually from bottled water sales? 


Nestlé’s most recent request for partial summary judgment of the case is being opposed by plaintiffs. 


And I’m not sure how the case will eventually play out.


I’m certainly no fan of false advertising. And I hope Poland Spring can’t continue what are alleged to be deceptive practices.


But what I’d really like to stop is Americans wasting their hard-earned money on bottled water in the first place.


According to the International Bottled Water Association, U.S. consumers spend $18 billion on bottled water each year.


Now, whether what’s in the bottles is spring water, groundwater, or crystal clear water from the island of Fiji.


That’s just wasteful.

Because the bottom line is you shouldn’t have to buy bottled water at all. 


Filter your water and quit adding bottles to the landfill, and dollars that are lining Nestle’s pockets.


You can easily do that with a quality filter pitcher at home. 


Now, if you’re thinking about ditching your plastic water bottles for one of those “grocery store” pitchers like a BRITA, let me offer a word of caution.


You see, when it comes to hidden dangers — the invisible stuff you can’t see, smell or taste, but could wreak havoc on your body — these basic pitchers just can’t compare. 


You need to be careful, and look for something that addresses chlorine, fluoride, lead, and other contaminants that can harm your health.


No fancy packaging. No empty promises. No waste. 


Just taking readily available tap water and making it cleaner, better tasting, and ultimately better for you.


Down to the last drop.


Whether you’re living at the edge of a mountain stream, or miles away from the nearest “spring.”

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James Blair - September 28, 2021

I have well water that I have an unusual concern with. I have a High Manganese content but I’m looking for the numbers on filtering it to a safe level. Some is needed but I’m about to send the water for testing.

Laurie LA Bonte - September 28, 2021

I have been using bottled water and Brita,water for a long time. they burn my throat. It is so good to have the Patriot water filter. It tastes refreshing and does not burn my throat. Thank you Patriots

Maylin B Ashe - September 28, 2021
I recently bought two of The Patriot Pure Pitchers. I put one in the refrigerator and one on the kitchen counter for easy access. I already had the big water filter I have had for a long time now. I never drink any of the water from a restaurant or any where else. I take my water to all church functions, meetings, and never touch any other water except my filtered water from home. The lab work I have gotten back from my doctor has been really good. My doctor is pleased with this because I am 81 years old and I am very healthy. I praise God for this and thank Him for leading me through this time of my life. Thank you, Patriot Health Alliance, for all that you have done for me over the years with fantastic products. I have bought many of them. Now if I could only get my husband never to bring anything but filtered water from home, I would be really happy for him.

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