Don’t let poor circulation drag you down

Maybe it’s because I now live in Florida, dead center of the “grey belt.” But it’s not uncommon to run into folks who are "low energy."

It’s one of the biggest complaints I hear. And one of the biggest reasons people see a doctor, when they don’t feel “right.” 

Or how they used to feel when they were younger.

Their get up and go has got up and went.

People dragging through the afternoons. Slow to recover from an active day. Not as "sharp" as they were a few years ago.

And struggling with things like normal blood pressure or poor sleep.

Sounds a lot like "getting old." And in a way, it is.

Because these things can all be traced back to something that does happen as we get older. Poor circulation.

Our bodies become less efficient as we age. And an easy way to think about circulation is like this...

Imagine your blood vessels are streams throughout the countryside of your body. And aging is like a bunch of eager beavers, damming things up.

The blood flow slows to a trickle. And with it, the vital nutrients you need to stay energized, think clearly, and recover when you push yourself.

But when you increase your circulation, you run these beavers out of town. (I've got nothing against beavers, mind you. But stay with me here.)

Increased circulation is like turning on a spigot full blast. Everything works better. 

From the minute you get up in the morning, to when you return to the bedroom at night (even if you're not planning to sleep, if you know what I mean.)

Because now, you're bathing yourself in energy, from the inside. And fast.

If this sounds like you, you’re probably wondering “Ok, what now?”

I’ll tell you this. Most of my usual advice applies to improving circulation too, as it does to most things. (Funny how that works.)

I'm talking about:

  •     No smoking
  •     Stay as trim as you can
  •     Increase your exercise
  •     Eat healthy omega-3-rich proteins like fish
  •     And drink some tea (green or black)

But if I could choose the most important things from that list, outside of quitting smoking, it would be this: keep moving.

Daily exercise is critical to everything in your body functioning properly. And it is one of the most natural ways to boost circulation, especially in your legs and feet. 

Sitting for hours and not getting around allows blood and other fluids to pool in your extremities. And as your blood gets stagnant, so do you. 

So commit to a daily walk. And if that is something you might find challenging, you can use a passive exerciser, to help goose things along. 

If you’ve ever lived in a high traffic area (think LA, Atlanta, DC or New York) you know that when things stop moving, everything screeches to a halt. 

If you don’t take steps to support circulation, THIS is what’s happening inside you.

Don’t let that happen. Especially when the benefits of sound circulation are so profound.

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