Easy blended recipes (good & good for you)

I’m a creature of habit. And if the habit is something good for me, I try my darndest to stick with it.

This is true of my daily exercise. And also true of what I do afterwards. 

I’m committed to moving my body and working up a sweat most days of the week. I feel better afterwards, because I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

And I know it’s keeping me healthier and fit. I can feel it in my productivity, with a clearer head and surprisingly, more energy than when I started.

But when you put out energy and work your muscles, break a sweat, or get your heart rate up, it’s also good to give something back to your body too.

So my routine typically includes blending up something healthy (and tasty) to enjoy afterwards. 

My typical smoothie consists of a few basics:

  • 8 oz or so of liquid (what I use depends – more on that in a second)
  • Something frozen (ice, fruit, even cubes of yogurt on occasion)
  • Something fresh (whatever fruit or veggies I have on hand)
  • And a nutrient punch (this varies too – and I’ll show you how & why)

For example, if I go running in this hot Florida sun, I usually return pretty spent. 

Hot. Sweaty. Thirsty. And not particularly hungry. 

So my post-run blend goes a little something like this:

  • 8 oz of coconut water
  • A small handful of frozen berries
  • A couple ice cubes
  • A scoop of Patriot Power Reds or Patriot Power Greens

This blend does a few things for me. This cardio exercise is great for you, but it can cause inflammation. The berries and Reds or Greens help tame that.  

And coconut water is very thirst-quenching. 

Far better for you than some pre-made “sports drink” (I can’t criticize it by name down here – my neighbors will come after me).

(Go Gators.)

On days that I lift weights, for whatever reason, I get hungrier. And I know that muscle work demands recovery fuel. So for that I blend…

  • 8 oz or so of almond milk (unsweetened vanilla is my favorite)
  • Frozen leafy greens (usually spinach, but could be anything)
  • Half a frozen banana
  • A scoop of Patriot Power Protein

If I’m particularly hungry, I may even throw some nut butter in there. Combined with the protein, I’m giving back what my muscles need after working, to spur repairs. 

And this usually keeps me feeling full well into lunchtime. 

The basics of these two recipes don’t vary much. But I’ve been known to throw whatever else I have on hand to spice things up a bit, depending on how I feel.

Things like cinnamon. Turmeric. Nuts or seeds (like hemp, flax or chia). Or for a rich, creamy and even more filling smoothie, I might put a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese in there. 

I’ve gotten into this habit to the point that I am often considering what’s going into my smoothie before my workout is even over. Because I know it’s easy, fast, and satisfying. 

If you’ve tried something unique in a smoothie of your own, let me know. I’m open to try anything (at least once).

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