Eat YOUR Way to a Faster Metabolism

There are things that get better with age. Whiskey. Cast iron skillets. Balsamic vinegar.  

Sadly, our metabolism isn’t on that list. In fact, as we get older it slows down. 

To put it simply, your metabolism determines how many calories you burn per day. The speed is affected by:     

  • Your resting metabolic rate – calories you burn while you are sleeping or resting. 
  • The thermic effect of food – calories you use when digesting and absorbing food.
  • Exercise – calories burned when you work out.
  • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis – calories utilized throughout the rest of your day like when you sweep the floor, cook dinner and stand in line.  

Unfortunately, as we age the entire metabolic process becomes less efficient. That makes it easier to gain weight. And, harder to lose it.

So, what can you do to speed up your metabolism if you want to maintain your weight or drop a few pounds?  

First, continue to exercise. Keeping your muscles strong helps speed metabolism. Next, get enough sleep. A healthy metabolism depends on a good night’s rest. 

Finally, discover the foods that can “stoke the furnace” and actually speed up your metabolism. Here are some that are easy to add to your daily meals: 

  1.  Eggs: Your body uses more energy to digest protein vs. fats or carbs. So, protein-rich foods are great for giving your metabolism a boost. Eggs are packed with protein making them a perfect addition to your diet. 
  1.  Green Tea: Green tea provides healthy antioxidants, plus several studies suggest it may increase metabolism. Flavors range from jasmine to mint, so you’re sure to find one you like.   
  1.  Brazil Nuts: Selenium is an important mineral for your thyroid gland which is key to regulating your metabolic process. Brazil nuts are delicious and a very rich source of selenium. Grab a small handful the next time you want a healthy snack. 
  1.  Flaxseeds: A good source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds possess many health benefits. Plus, researchers think they can help boost metabolism and may even improve metabolic syndrome. Best of all, adding ground flaxseeds to your diet is easy. Stir a bit into your muffin or pancake mix. I like to blend them into smoothies and sprinkle some on the top of my cereal. 
  1.  Dark, Leafy Greens: Eating kale, spinach and other dark, leafy green veggies is always a healthy choice. But did you know they boost metabolism? Thanks to the iron and magnesium in these foods you’ll burn more calories.   

Obviously, what you eat is important if you’re looking to maintain weight or lose a few pounds. But it’s not just about cutting out junk food. Adding foods that “rev up” your metabolism will do wonders as you make your journey toward your weight goal. 

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