Far Infrared Therapy: What Is It?

Aging is no joke, my friend.

While we gain a lot of wisdom, experience and perspective, getting older also often comes with a fair amount of baggage too.

Like fatigue. Aches and pains, especially in the joints and muscles. Stress and tension. Problems sleeping. Concerns about maintaining healthy circulation, blood pressure and immune health. 

Not a fun list.

But not an inevitable one either. With a healthy diet, regular movement and solid social connections, you can beat back much of what many think is an inevitable part of getting older.

And today, more people are waking up to dead-simple ways to target all of these issues, all at the same time. 

It’s called “FIR.” Which stands for “far infrared” therapy. And the benefits of this advanced heat therapy technique are profound. 

Far infrared light is the frequency of light generated naturally by the sun. Invisible to the naked eye, infrared heat can be replicated indoors, with the help of the high-tech wizardry you’d find in a sauna.

FIR harnesses the heat created by waves of energy from the far end of the infrared spectrum. And it’s a safe and natural way to target a variety of health issues, like joint pain and stiffness. But that’s just the beginning.

By sparking a healthy sweat, FIR helps your body remove toxins through perspiration, reduces stress and tension, improves lymphatic flow and circulation, and provides a healthy boost to your mood – and your immune system. 

The gentle heat produces an “analgesic” effect, perfect for aches and pains. It also has been shown to help increase flexibility, by making your connective tissues (think tendons and ligaments) more pliable. 

And get this: It raises “feel good” chemicals in your body, called endorphins

Producing what athletes describe as a “runner’s high” – though you don’t have to lace up your shoes to get it. 

Plus, by gently heating up your body until you start to sweat, your blood vessels expand, increasing circulation and supporting blood pressure health in the process. 

In the past, a full-body FIR treatment meant spending time in a sauna, which requires a trip to a gym or spa, or an at-home installation which can be quite costly. 

These days, portable, in-home options are now available, making FIR easily accessible for nearly anyone.   

And the best part is, unlike other healthy habits, using FIR requires almost no effort. You just sit back and let it do its magic.  

Not many “good for you'' things can hope to promise that. 

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