Foods hurting your gut?

"My gut is a steel trap." I used to say that. When I was much younger. Back then I could eat anything and then go straight to bed. No problem.

But as time goes on… I've found that I have digestive issues just like everyone else — indigestion, bloating and even constipation. The other thing I found is that certain foods seem to make things worse.

And these were foods that I thought were "good" or at least "not bad" for my tummy. Turns out they were actually "holding me back." In more ways than one.

Here are some of the worst "offenders" I found:

Artificial Sweeteners

This is kind of gross. But artificial sweeteners pass through your gut undigested. So they tend to "gum up" the works down there. And negatively impact your gut's good bacteria.

Alcoholic Drinks

Hey, I love to have a cold beer after a long day of work. Or maybe a whiskey… neat. But not anymore. That's because it also wreaks havoc with the bacteria in your gut — leaving it unbalanced. Which can lead to cramps, acid reflux, diarrhea, and a lot more.

Fried Foods

C'mon now. This one hurts. But fried foods are rich in saturated and unsaturated fat which can bother your gut. And it's just way more difficult for your body to digest than normal food is. Man, I love fries. Oh well.

Red Meat

In 2020,  a research journal suggested that beef, "when consumed at higher than recommended levels as part of a diet high in sugar or fat ... has adverse consequences for the gut microbiota." So the key here is to watch your portions and don't have steak at every meal. Which sounds awesome, but is also common sense.

Processed Foods

Processed foods are just that — processed. They're jam-packed with salt & additives. And they lack diversity and fiber. Which is not good for your gut. Overall, I would cut this junk out — gut issues or not.

Soft Drinks

No surprise here. But the sugar from these drinks is associated with digestive disease mortality. Those 3 words alone are enough for me to steer clear. 

Some of these are "no brainers" if you're having gut issues. While others may have been a bit of a surprise. Regardless, I hope this info has helped you and your stomach. Meal time should not be a time of worry, but instead a time of fun & family. Here's to your gut.

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