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Over the past few years I've gotten serious about setting goals for myself.

For my health. For my business. For my marriage and my relationships.

Pretty much anything that was important to me, I've got goals for it.

As the year kicks off, I write down everything I want to do.

It can sometimes take up a full page.

Now I've done this before, but I've learned the key to really sticking with them is the act of writing them down. Why?

Because you'll get in the habit of reading them every morning before your day starts.

It's a perfect reminder of "here's what you should be focusing on today." Big picture stuff.

It's hard to predict where you'll be in 3 months or 6.

But just having this "road map" in front of me is incredibly helpful.

And I've come to learn something else important. It's fascinating, really. And it explains how a plan turns into reality.

Because setting goals doesn't just give you a map. It actually alters your brain. Restructures it.

It changes the way your brain functions.

Scientists have studied this, and it's complicated. But I'll simplify it for you here:

  1. Your brain's emotion center (your amygdala) sees how important each goal is for you.
  2. Your brain's problem solver (your frontal lobe) looks at the specifics of how each goal can be achieved.
  3. Then, both parts work together to keep you focused and moving towards the habits that create success. And not only that, they help eliminate the distractions and avoid the situations that sabotage your goals.

It sounds unbelievable, but your brain really is flexible.

Goal setting literally changes the structure of your brain so you're more likely to achieve your goal.

It's known as neuroplasticity.

Now, to help your brain do this, it's very important to actually write down your goals and read them regularly.

But they don't have to be anything fancy.

Think about the things you want to do in 2021, then make yourself a little list of what you want.

And make sure you read it as often as possible.

If you'd like a kickstart on a list, here's a good example:

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