Good Job.


I meant to send my usual "Sunday Thoughts" out yesterday, but I was knee-deep in wrapping up the July 4 Event.

And man, was it an event!

I'm so happy we were able to help folks get some much-deserved relaxation. And I'm beyond thrilled we were able to make donations to the non-profit — For The Troops.

All this good news got me thinking. 

​​Everybody wants to win. But, if we only focus on the big W's, we miss out on a lot of other things too. Like the chance to take a second and say "good job."

So that's why I want everyone on our team to know they did a great job!

It's little, but it matters. Because it shifts the focus from the end goal to the journey.

And that's what life is all about. Progress. Even if it's a small step like saying "good job."

It's still a step in the right direction. And studies have shown that tracking small victories can really help motivate folks to work harder.

Funny, huh? You'd think the big-mega wins would do that? Nope. It's the tiny everyday stuff that keeps you going.

Because when you break it down… a big-mega win is just one really big step made up of tiny, little steps.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is… don't sweat the small stuff. Instead… celebrate it.

Enjoy your week.

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