Gotta go go go?

I love coffee. And I really love cold brew. If you haven't tried it, you should. It's smoother & less bitter than regular coffee. I have 3 to 4 cups a day. And pouring my first glass of the morning is such a great way to start the day. It's something I always look forward to.

Plus, it's been shown in multiple studies to have health benefits too. (Maybe I'll make it five cups? Just kidding.)

But you know who doesn't like coffee? Your bladder.

If you're an avid coffee drinker you already know this. Now, to be fair to coffee… coffee isn't the problem. It's the caffeine. 

That's because caffeine is a stimulant. And simulants tell your body to "rev it." And that includes how much you urinate. 

So if you're someone who deals with bladder issues you may want to check your coffee intake. And according to some studies, it doesn't take much to get you "going."

Check this out…

"One study published in the International Urogynecology Journal found that there was an association between drinking more than 204 milligrams of caffeine per day and urinary incontinence."

To give you an idea of how much caffeine that is… there are usually 100 milligrams in 1 cup of coffee. And that's just "normal everyday" coffee. Some fast-food chains and coffee shops with "baristas" have way, way higher levels of caffeine in their coffee.

So, depending on where you drink, you may be looking at cutting your coffee habit by a few cups… or altogether.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But I would happily sacrifice a cup or two to stop my bladder issues. And it may be time for you to think about doing the same. If incontinence is an issue for you.

But not all is lost. There are "lower-caffeine" alternatives like green tea or black tea. But remember, they still have caffeine so proceed with caution. But you can always switch to tea. And then slowly "stair-step" off that until you're only drinking water. Which would be the best thing to do anyway.

Well, here's to you.

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PATRICIA SACHS - June 28, 2022

I have a problem with urinating and I will take your information to heart. But I drink coffee with my meals because it helps MOVE the feces along. And when I get up I have another cup with my breakfast to move it. I ride the bus and I don’t want anything to happen out there. A homeless woman told me her secret – #5 baby diapers. I buy mine at Aldi’s where their 70 for $11.00. So far I have NEVER messed my pants. 🤗

Vincent Van Paul - June 27, 2022

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