Hate exercising? Then don’t…

I haven’t always been one who looked forward to exercising. 

But I am a creature of routine. And because I know how good it is for me…

And I know how I feel afterwards.

These days, I just get up and move, and I don’t even think about it much anymore. 

Whether it's a run through the park or just a walk on the beach, staying active is something I look forward to.

But I know for some of you – maybe even many of you – exercise feels like a chore. Work. Something that's "have to" not "want to."

Something to just "get through" to get it off your list and go about your day.

With winter weather behind us and the outdoors opening up, you may feel even more pressure to do it, because the “it’s too cold” excuse isn’t there anymore.

If this sounds like you, hold on to your hat, because I'm about to say something that will blow your mind.

Stop exercising. 

Seriously. Stop.

Because physical activity shouldn't be something you dread each day.

There should be some enjoyment to it. 

So, if exercise equals misery for so many folks, maybe we've been looking at exercise all wrong. 

Maybe instead of promoting exercise, we should be encouraging movement... joyful movement.

Think about it.

When you were a kid, and out riding your bike with friends, how many times did you think, I can't wait to get this ride over with?

Probably never.

When you were bouncing on the neighbor's trampoline, how often would you think... ugh, I just have to push through these jumps?

Also, never.

When we were young, we moved a lot.

But it never felt like work, or a chore. Because it was FUN.

It's time to bring the joy back to movement.

Because if you're having fun, you're more likely to stick with it.

So, if your aerobics class is a drag, drop it.

If lacing up your shoes for a run around the block feels like punishment, not a privilege, then don’t. 

Instead, discover ways to move your body that are fun, like when you were younger.

If you loved the trampoline as a kid, try the adult version... a rebounder.

If you loved to ride your bike, give a spinning class a shot, or a stationary bike in front of your favorite TV show.  

Love being in a pool, but think swimming laps is a drag? Splash around with your kids or grandkids. Do handstands, float... have tea parties underwater. 

The goal is to find activities that bring you joy, that also happen to move your body. That way you can reap the physical benefits and want to come back for more.

But keep this in mind. When you were a kid, you probably didn’t feel the pains of “overdoing it” after a wild game of tag or a game of stickball. As we get older, even fun activities can call for a period of recovery.  

And giving back to your muscles so they can come back for more – and they want to! 

Now get out there and have a little fun, will ya?

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