Health Tips to Take Back to the Office?

When things shut down last year all our lives got turned upside down. I don’t know about you, but I felt like one day blended into the next. My daily schedule disappeared. 

Thankfully, life is opening back up again! We’re feeling more “normal” and returning to our old routines.

For some of us it means going back to work and leaving our home offices behind. If you missed face-to-face meetings, it is great news. 

But going back to work may mean you’re leaving behind some good habits you picked up during the shutdown. It does for me. 

I needed to clear my head when I was working at home all the time. So, I found myself taking more walks. A couple of times a day I took the dog on a short stroll around the block. 

Now that I'm traveling back to the office again, my four-legged friend isn’t there to beg me to take him out. And don’t get me started on the treats that are reappearing in the breakroom. 

It takes some effort to stay healthy when you sit behind a desk all day. But it isn’t impossible. In fact, follow these easy tips and you’ll see a big difference. 

First, map out your day. The night before work, decide what you’re going to have for lunch the next day. Take a few minutes to pack a healthy salad with some lean protein.

What if you leave out that step in the morning and you’re running late? The next thing you know, you’ll be in a drive-thru. 

Then, once you get to work: park as far away from the door as you can. Skip the elevator and take the steps. Use a restroom on another floor.  

If you wear a fitness tracker, you’ll see that these extra steps really add up during the day. You’ll hit 10,000 steps in no time! 

Most importantly – don’t grab a donut from the breakroom. Instead, snack smart.  

Choose a handful of nuts or some low-fat cottage cheese. Try veggies with hummus or a hardboiled egg. Or pack the fixin’s for a protein-rich smoothie, and blend it up to enjoy in the afternoon.

Nutritious, protein-rich snacks provide energy and actually help you eat less throughout the day.

You’re fueling your body with food that promotes fullness by slowing digestion and keeping your blood sugar levels on track.   

And get some exercise! Plan for the days you’ll go to the gym by taking your workout gear with you. If you come home first, your couch may look too tempting. 

If you’re not returning to the office, these tips hold true for you, too. Don’t be tempted to wander into the kitchen and graze throughout the day. Stock your pantry with healthy snacks and skip the cookies. 

And take a walk or two. Fresh air does wonders for the body and mind. Plus, if you have a dog like mine, he’ll be so grateful.

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Eileen McGuire - June 28, 2021

A male dog? I hope Ellie is alright. If not, sorry I missed it and sorry for your loss. Eileen

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