Healthy Aging (for women)

It’s no secret… your body changes as you get older.

You know how I know that? My wife tells me all the time.

You see, women tend to face a lot of health hurdles as they age… so she wants to stay “1 step ahead of the game” as she gets older.

I can’t blame her. We all age. But we don’t have to be unhealthy as we do it.

Let me share with you the 3 main things she has found to help her as she gets older.

Bone Health

Now, it’s also no secret that osteoporosis gets a lot of attention. Especially for women as they age. And for good reason. Did you know that 1 in 3 women over 50 is at risk of a bone break caused by osteoporosis? That’s why calcium is so important.

According to studies, women over 50 need 1,200 milligrams of calcium daily. (Use the Nutrition Facts label on food products to keep track of your intake.) So now my wife is eating more dark leafy greens and calcium-fortified almond milk — which are good sources of calcium. But you can also eat cheese, yogurt, or even edamame to get more calcium into your diet too.

Protein & Muscle Mass

We also tend to move less the older we get. And exercise less too. This all impacts muscle mass. And as women near 80 years old, they may have lost as much as half of their skeletal muscle mass.

Making sure you eat enough protein helps reduce the amount of muscles you lose. Now, no this doesn’t mean you need to be eating steak for every meal. (Which sounds awesome, if I’m being honest.) But you can eat a plant-based diet and still get the amount of protein your body needs. Foods like quinoa, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds and beans also pack a protein punch.

Brain Function

This one is all about B-12. Probably not a surprise but we all absorb less nutrients as we age. And B-12 is probably one of the most important ones — that women are not getting. It’s essential for maintaining both healthy red blood cells and brain function. 

You can get more B-12 by eating foods like eggs, milk, lean meats, fish and fortified foods like cereals and grains.

Well, there you have it. Those are my wife’s 3 tips for women as they age. Just remember to talk to your doctor. Because everyone is different. 

I hope you can share these with the women in your life. And since it’s Women’s Health Week, this is the best time to pass this info along.

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